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  1. Lets see, my first post here was January 2014 when I reported print problems with italics. So some time before that... as if it matters. and the printing issue is still unresolved. No matter though... I imported all 540 of my nevernotes into OneNote today, can access them from this tablet, my smartphone, work pc, home pc and laptop. That functionality is worth about $10 to me, but it turns out to be included in my Office 365 subscription. Had EN offered this budget tier, I probably wouldn't have bothered to discover ON. And of course some users will never convert to paying customers. The proposal in this thread won't solve that, but it could have converted some to at least pay something.
  2. More accurately, Evernote loses another opportunity to turn a non-paying user into a revenue generating customer and advocate.
  3. I just voted. But I suggested this a week ago, And have seen no indication they'll consider it. I've already begun familiarizing with OneNote, and many users vhave already converted. While I think the entry level tier is a great idea, I suspect it's too late to retain those who now use and recommend something other than nEverNote.
  4. Thanks for the tip.... it renders perfectly on TinyMCE editor demo. full.pdf
  5. Sorry to disagree, but I just tried it on Windows Desktop (Ver .... Underline does not render the underline, italics truncate individual characters, and strikeout is too high. Attached is a PDF, which looks exactly the same as it renders on paper. Evernote.pdf
  6. I don't know exactly when it started but recently it has become very annoying... When you click on a note to edit it, the line of format tools (font, bullets, indent, attachment, etc) appears.... MOST of the time. However, that bar randomly disappears while editing, being replace with "Created, Updated, URL" stats that normally only show when you have clicked in an element other than in the note editor. What's up with that? I don't think it did this before the last update. I'm on " (272632) Public"
  7. Not only that, your colleagues are probably rather unimpressed with Evernote's crappy print rendering... Not really good PR, or a great way to gain users/customers by word-of-mouth. Unbelievable they let this stand (but as you said, bug-fixing isn't fun or sexy). P.S. Yeah, it was I who posted a link to this thread on their FB feed.
  8. problem persists to this day. version on Win7
  9. Problem persists at this time. version on Win7
  10. I just recently adopted Evernote, slick idea. But I noticed this problem (truncated chars in italics, underline as strike-thru) in printing to both paper and PDF Creator. Seems pretty weird that this app is the only one that does this, and for such basic formatting attributes. Good thing I haven't paid Premium. Seriously, what's the ETA on a fix, since there doesn't appear to be a user-based workaround (other than just using plain unformatted text). P.S. I noticed one of my notes, the last italicized paragraph printed fine, but those appearing elsewhere in the note got that choppy character appearance. version on Win7
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