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  1. Work chat has always been wonky to me. My wife currently has three different threads from me to her despite me send them to her same address.
  2. My launch times have never been slow. It took me a bit to understand how to find my notes but launch times were not an issue on my end
  3. I like the new version. Once I got used to it I find it to be very quick.
  4. The problem I'm having is that when I use web clipper now it's not allowing me to pick a notebook. It just keeps spinning.
  5. Scrivener was suggested to me by a friend whose an author and I was hoping to find something I already used. Is it worth it Sayre?
  6. Thanks DTLow I replaced the version I had from the App Store with the one from Evernote.
  7. I would love to see Evernote become something akin to a hybrid note taking app and say Scrivener. I would love to write in it more but the spell check and grammar check seem to be a little behind in this area. Could this become something that is worked on?
  8. I'm a Mac/ios user. Thanks a lot.
  9. I know that Evernote bills itself as strictly for note taking but I wish it's spell check and grammar was up to word processor snuff. In the past they have talked about people using it to write books so why not go the whole way?
  10. I lost my jot 2 charger.  Any ideas how to replace it?

  11. I think I would rebrand work chat. My wife and I use it all the time as an easy place to share notes and my buddy is a phd candidate and when I'm throwing out ideas its the easiest way to do it from within the note taking experience.
  12. Is there anyway that webpages clipped in iOS can be simplified like through Safari or Chrome?
  13. SO I was a beta tester for collect. They just opened up labs to everyone which is fine but I have to resign and then wait for an invite to a product I've had for months. Come on!!! I'm off my soapbox now.
  14. I know this is an old chain but it's over a year later and the answer to me is that OneNote doesn't allow me to visually see things that have been clipped well on my iPhone. Evernote simplifies and allows me to read pdf much easier than OneNote does.
  15. I can get there but when I click the buy button nothing happens. I've tried it in both Chrome and Safari.
  16. I tried to use the Evernote Market and it went to a page no longer listed. Any thoughts?
  17. Can't seem to get her to work at all. I reinstalled and I can click it but nothing happens.
  18. DOes anyone know how to create links in postach.io? I sometimes like to link to an outside topic but can't figure it out.
  19. Yea I agree with everything you've said. I just figured that with particularly the S4 being so widely spread something like the ability to scan business cards in Hello or the ability to take pics of the Post its would be here like it was there. Overall it's probably not a deal breaker because in the end I use the mobile apps to absorb info then I organize it on my desktop most of the time.
  20. I've seriously been thinking of switching over to Evernote premium. Recently I decided to give android a try, and so far I like it with one problem. It feels like some features I like in Evernote for iOS aren't there for android. Is there an idea why? I know device fragmentation is a problem for developers but it doesn't seem like it would be so much for a company like Evernote. Any ideas?
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