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  1. Same here, the extra step having to click in the title bar to enter a quick note made of just a few words is not efficient. There is a separate feature request for that: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/51199-feature-request-auto-title-in-android-like-in-windows/ I guess a mix of both could be ideal: Don't separate Title and Body, just one large field of which the first line will be treated as a title. Possibly adding a failsafe mechanism, such as only treating the first line as a title in the case that it's not longer than e.g. 100 characters?
  2. There is a separate feature request for that: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41596-feature-request-change-cursor-default-setting-to-note-title-field/
  3. Ben350, thanks for clarifying. what you're asking for is different than what's being discussed here. You're searching for a snooze feature, while we're talking about recurrent reminders: e.g. birthdays, or getting the trash out every Tuesday, or (in my case) paying the taxes every 3 months. You can "snooze" by clicking on the reminder icon or the date, and modifying the date to tomorrow. Involves 3 clicks...
  4. The criteria that can be used as triggers for IFTTT with the Date & Time Channel are the following: Every day atEvery hour atEvery day of the week atEvery month on theEvery year onDoesn't look like you could do "every second Wednesday in the month". Might be a good feature request for IFTTT.As I mentioned, this is just a possible workaround, just like the Google Calendar could be used. Maybe if you "invited" your Evernote email address in Google Calendar, they would get a reminder?Naturally, best would be native recurring reminders in Evernote itself, but hopefully folks that need it can u
  5. A possible workaround in the mean time is to create an IFTTT (if this then that) recipe to create new notes at the specified interval. http://www.matthewkimberley.com/evernote-reminders/
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