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  1. Same here, the extra step having to click in the title bar to enter a quick note made of just a few words is not efficient. There is a separate feature request for that: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/51199-feature-request-auto-title-in-android-like-in-windows/ I guess a mix of both could be ideal: Don't separate Title and Body, just one large field of which the first line will be treated as a title. Possibly adding a failsafe mechanism, such as only treating the first line as a title in the case that it's not longer than e.g. 100 characters?
  2. There is a separate feature request for that: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41596-feature-request-change-cursor-default-setting-to-note-title-field/
  3. Ben350, thanks for clarifying. what you're asking for is different than what's being discussed here. You're searching for a snooze feature, while we're talking about recurrent reminders: e.g. birthdays, or getting the trash out every Tuesday, or (in my case) paying the taxes every 3 months. You can "snooze" by clicking on the reminder icon or the date, and modifying the date to tomorrow. Involves 3 clicks...
  4. The criteria that can be used as triggers for IFTTT with the Date & Time Channel are the following: Every day atEvery hour atEvery day of the week atEvery month on theEvery year onDoesn't look like you could do "every second Wednesday in the month". Might be a good feature request for IFTTT.As I mentioned, this is just a possible workaround, just like the Google Calendar could be used. Maybe if you "invited" your Evernote email address in Google Calendar, they would get a reminder?Naturally, best would be native recurring reminders in Evernote itself, but hopefully folks that need it can use one of the options discussed in this thread in the meantime. Have fun!
  5. A possible workaround in the mean time is to create an IFTTT (if this then that) recipe to create new notes at the specified interval. http://www.matthewkimberley.com/evernote-reminders/
  6. Indeed, found it. Adding the large widget and configuring it to show my reminders will show reminders (sorted on date, that's fine), and 3 notes at a time. But it shows all the reminders, without telling which dates the reminders are. For my use case, it's not that helpful. But, the Evernote List widget that comes with this new application is exactly what I was looking for: If configured to show the reminders, it creates a vertical list of only the active reminders (due today or in the past), and shows the date of the reminder. Brilliant! Thanks @gazumped and @jefito for your help. Link for those that would also search for it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evernote.widget
  7. I'm running Android 4.2.2 (CyanogenMod 10.1.3) on my Samsung Galaxy SII, and have Evernote version 5.7 installed from the Play store. The only Evernote-related widget that I have is the Evernote shortcut, which adds a link to a specific note on the home screen. I'm not sure how to get this "large widget" that would show me the results of a saved search. How do you get access to it? It's not in the list of widgets (that appears after the list of all installed applications)...
  8. Hi, I was wondering if there existed a widget for Android (either on the home screen or lock screen) that would display all the reminders for today or the past (only unfinished). I use Evernote as part of my GTD-based system, and use reminders to indicate when I think I can get to a specific task. Having the list of current tasks visible on the home screen would make it easier to see what's up for that day, without having to go into Evernote itself. Thanks for letting me know. +Emilien
  9. Any news on adding Due Dates to Evernote? Sorry for digging out an old post from 5 years ago, but the question is still relevant.
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