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  1. Hey Gazumped, great suggestions, thanks so much!
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knows a way to connect gmail and evernote in such a way that: - when assigning a certain LABEL within gmail, this poses as a trigger to automatically copy or forward said email message to my evernote account (to a specific notebook possibly with a specific evernote tag). A quick search on IFTTT did not yield any results. Does anybody have suggestions? Regards, Veek
  3. @DTLow, this link ( https://www.technipages.com/disable-hyperlinks-can-be-harmful-to-your-computer-and-data-message ) solved it for me, thank you very much. Regards, VdV
  4. Hi guys, I am using an excel sheet for project management in which specific cells link to specific notes within EN. However when I click the link, this warning appears (sorry for it being Dutch), stating that the location might be unsafe. Does anyone have a clue on how to turn this off? Within the trust center of Excel (2016) I do have the option to enter specific paths as safe, however the link is different in the sense that is isn't a drive directory. Help is much appreciated. Regards, Veekdeveek
  5. Hey @CalS Interesting method! Do tell more. I am assuming this implementation requires fetching email messages with a particulair client? Or does this work using a browser too? Regards, V.
  6. Hi all, Does anybody know a method to accomplish the abovementioned? I use the GTD method and when processing my emails sometimes it leads to an actionable item but not one that can be done immediately. Right now I send these emails to my evernote account, manually appending a specific tag for emails that need action. However I can imagine this can be automated (perhaps using a third party service like IFTTT or Zapier). Does anybody have experience regarding this and can you perhaps recommend a certain way of implementing this automation? Regards, Veekdeveek
  7. Hi guys, I am frequently driving and I would like to be able to get evernote to record a voice memo with as less steps as possible. While driving the google maps navigation covers pretty much my whole screen so right now, in order to get to the homescreen widget (which I have already set up as take an audio note), i have to manually get to the homescreen after which I have to press the widget. For safety purposes I would like to minimize the effort as much as possible, as to keep my attention on the road. So far the Ok google voice assistant doesn't seem to be able to call up the evernote voice recording option. Does any of you have suggestions on how to make the aforementioned work? I know that there are automation apps (tasker), however adding another app to the process seems more complicated. Also my phone does not support NFC so adding a sticky hardware button is not an option. Regards, V.
  8. Same here, using windows 10 pro and evernote (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829).
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