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  1. List view usually meets my needs for navigating across many notes. However Snippet view and Card view are still intriguing. These suggest navigation by recognizing graphical patterns instead of textual patterns. Ways I have added graphical patterns to my notes include: changing the font or its colorindenting a list or bulleting itdrawing separator linesWays I have not added graphical patterns include inserting 'visual signage' , for example clip art, icons or avatars.If you have suggestions about inserting 'visual cues' in notes, please share. Thanks, Alpha-Numeric Guy
  2. Hello, Confirming the symptoms described above. I have Win7 on my home laptop (lenovo g770). On Win7, my chrome browser works well, and can accomplish all kinds of typing when chrome browser is the sole application running. However, after I fire up EN thick client (EN for windows) , my KB map becomes corrupted. For example, the keystroke t becomes ctl-t and the keystroke w becomes ctl-w. This is quite annoying and rather subtle to diagnose. I do want to use chrome browser and EN thick client at the same time, but my current workaround is to avoid doing this. Curiously, this apparent incompatibility between browser and EN for windows does not occur on my office computer. TZ in Corvallis
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