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  1. I would love to see a feature added to Evernote for reordering a list. For example, if I wanted to keep a list of to-do items in the order in which they are to be done, it would be great if I could re-order the items in that list more easily that by cutting pasting items from one place in the list to another. If there were a drag-and-drop tool that make it clear where an items would inserted when dropped, it would make this sort of sorting much easier and faster. Evernote presently supports drag and drop of text, but this does not operate to reorder the list.
  2. This proposal is particularly helpful for those who use shortcuts and, thus,, don't navigate past sync buttons on their way to the document.
  3. I love the new look of Evernote for Android, but I have one small change to suggest. I think a sync button should be visible in every document, right beside the edit button. That way, one can syn before editing to reduce the risk of conflicting edits. Alternatively, there could be a setting to automatically sync before and after editing.
  4. I like the Cornell system not just for organization but also for the ability to quiz myself by folding over the page so that all I see are the headings. Thus, if there is a Cornell template made for this, I'd hope there would be some way to easily hide and reveal the left column.
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