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  1. Long post incoming. Why is this regression so bad? I have been a dedicated Evernote user for over 10 years, and paying for the last ~5. Command + J is the primary way I navigate my thousands of notes, and dozens of notebooks and tags. Being able to instantly jump to a note, notebook, or tag as quickly as possible is one of the most important features in a note-taking app to me. I use it dozens-hundreds of times per day. Why is this so important? A note-taking app's core purpose is to allow me to record whatever is in my brain as quickly as possible. Therefore, I need to be able to quickly navigate to the correct note/notebook (Cmd + J), and begin writing them down (quick editor w/ good shortcuts). This is an absolutely critical regression -- for me, for others (based on the other responses in this forum), and for the core functionality of Evernote (taking notes seamlessly!) I am currently running the legacy version, which is mostly fine, although there is some sluggishness and display issues. Running the legacy app is not a viable long-term solution, and it is concerning this has not been addressed in 6 months. Are there alternatives? My Evernote subscription is up in July, and this has pushed me to start considering other note-taking apps. I spent quite a few hours researching/testing other apps, and there are a lot. Sharing this summary in case it is useful to the devs, or to other frustrated users. As far as I can tell, Evernote is basically still the best at its core competency -- quickly taking notes, across platforms, including images and attached files. The new version is significantly worse with the loss of Cmd + J, but I was not able to find an alternative that was clearly better (at least not yet...) Some competitors (Bear) also lack a quick-switcher, or have a sub-par one (Notable). Some lack full support on mobile (Notable, Quiver, Trillium). Some are just not as efficient at reading/writing notes (Joplin, Inkdrop, Bear). Some are too disorganized (Notion). Some handle images/attachments poorly (Ulysses, Inkdrop). Many are inferior in subtler ways as well (offline support, backed by a strong team, less flexible, etc.) So, Evernote is still the best imo. But not by much... Bear has a new editor coming out soon that is fantastic, and if they were to add a quick-switcher, that would likely do it for me. Notion has a great editor and quick-switcher too, and just needs a bit of organizational refinement to surpass Evernote. To the Evernote devs Please, please, please bring this back. Evernote is a great product, built by a great team. (I appreciate it even more now, having done some research and testing with competitors.) Keep it that way. Prioritize the core stuff -- recording notes efficiently.
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