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  1. How to downgrade.... Note, you need to have the previous version as part of an old(er) computer-based sync http://www.igeeksblog.com/how-to-re-install-older-version-of-apps-on-iphone-ipad/
  2. That's odd. I was able to get it connected...worked well. I was able to revert back to an old version (the backup on the computer had not yet been updated) so a reprieve for now. But Bamboo remains a viable backup.
  3. Bamboo it is....goodbye Penultimate.
  4. What do I think?? I'm pissed! I use penultimate everyday like a notebook instead of paper. Came in to the office this am to try to take some note and am confronted with this totally unusable update. How do I reverrt to version 5? Penultimate....not so much!
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