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  1. Yep, IOS app works that way for me. The Mac EN app remains weird. There are a few address in the EN share function but not all. And if I type in an address, the "Send" button is not active. I just hope EN folks keep Legacy 2 alive. Bob
  2. As I've mentioned I think the clue for getting addresses for emailing notes rests in the Mac's "Permissions" department. A brief Google search tells me that the app, in this case EN, has to ask the OS for permission to access "Contacts". Since EN is not appearing on my Mac as an option to give permission to, I can only assume that the EN app is not asking. Either intentionally or in error. But why would EN include an email "Share" option without allowing an email address to be entered? Must be a bug!! Bob
  3. Thanks PinkE for your addl info. For me, the Legacy edition works fine, until the EN folks decide to drop it. I'm still looking for another webclipper/notetaker. Bob
  4. A Google search produces possible solutions to this Error. Not sure I would try them myself, beyond my pay grade. If a reboot doesnt fix the problem, I'm in trouble! Bob
  5. We're making progress! On my Mac, System Preferences, Privacy, Contacts there are options to allow apps access to Contacts. On my Mac (running Big Sur) Evernote Legacy 2 is shown but not Evernote 10.8.5 for Mac. So how does one get the new EN to show up in the Privacy window so access to Contacts can be allowed? Bob
  6. Thank you PinkE! For some reason the Evernote crew omitted my name when release notes were sent out. Maybe because I have only been using the legacy edition. And now that I have tried the new email offering, Evernote is not accessing my address book and will not accept an address I enter manually. How does Evernote access my address book? Why can't I enter an address in the address block? Many thanks! Bob
  7. Using the Legacy verion has some quirks as well. For one, screen shots are slow to appear in Evernote. And mysterious blank Evernote windows appear randomly. Sure hope they make a new and improved version soon. Are there any alternatives to Evernote?
  8. Update. I downloaded the Legacy Version and the email Share capability is there! Hooray! I'll try to use the Legacy version. Hopefully the email share will included in the newest version soon!!
  9. PinkE, sorry I can't understand your reply. You are on IOS, I'm on a Mac and IOS V10.1. I cant and dont need to email from my phone. I just want to email notes, or copies from Clipper to myself or someone else. Help! Or tell me how to get my earlier version back. I am a paying customer! Thanks.
  10. To solve this problem I tried to "copy" and paste" the note in an email. No joy. All I got was a clipboard icon. So how can I copy in Evernote and paste elsewhere?
  11. Thanks for the quick reply! This update seems to have been a retrograde for me. How can I go back to my previous version, I don't know its number?
  12. How can I email a note in the new version, i.e the DISASTER version? I don't want to "invite" anybody to share a link as the share option provides.
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