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  1. Using the Legacy verion has some quirks as well. For one, screen shots are slow to appear in Evernote. And mysterious blank Evernote windows appear randomly. Sure hope they make a new and improved version soon. Are there any alternatives to Evernote?
  2. Update. I downloaded the Legacy Version and the email Share capability is there! Hooray! I'll try to use the Legacy version. Hopefully the email share will included in the newest version soon!!
  3. PinkE, sorry I can't understand your reply. You are on IOS, I'm on a Mac and IOS V10.1. I cant and dont need to email from my phone. I just want to email notes, or copies from Clipper to myself or someone else. Help! Or tell me how to get my earlier version back. I am a paying customer! Thanks.
  4. To solve this problem I tried to "copy" and paste" the note in an email. No joy. All I got was a clipboard icon. So how can I copy in Evernote and paste elsewhere?
  5. Thanks for the quick reply! This update seems to have been a retrograde for me. How can I go back to my previous version, I don't know its number?
  6. How can I email a note in the new version, i.e the DISASTER version? I don't want to "invite" anybody to share a link as the share option provides.
  7. I went to Evernote.com and a red banner informed me that I had used 95% of my data allotment. Maybe that's why my recent Notes didn't get sent! I'll wait and see what happens after the first of the month. Thanks for that suggestion, I didnt know about the notes have to sync with Evernote.com to be mailed. Bob
  8. Additionally, I can still successfully email Notes that were made a few days ago. Bob
  9. Well, nothing happens. After selecing "Email a Copy:", I select a valid email address (like my own), select "send", the window returns blank,, as is normal) and the email is not received. No errow messages. Nada. Thanks. Bob
  10. I have shared Evernotes for years via email using the "Note-Share Note-More Sharing" menu steps. That does not work now. Any ideas what's happened? Thanks! Bob
  11. I have not been following this forum regularly. However, when I had this problem a year or more ago, I solved it by changing my Evernote login password. The problem has not re-occured for me since then. Good luck! Bob
  12. Bingo!! 😀 👍 Thanks so much DTLow for sticking with me on this issue and solving the puzzle! Virtual drinks are on me!! Bob
  13. I've been using Evernote and Helper for several years. And after installing on the new Airbook, it does not clip as it should, at least compared to the way it works on my MacBookPro. It seems to "see" on my Desktop and not any windows that are open on top of the desktop. It works fine on my MBP clipping open windows.
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