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  1. It's unfortunate this bug or hack issue has not been resolved, it's been around a long time. Several months ago, Evernote support told me to change my password and that fixed it in my case. Good luck!
  2. I changed my password and so far no repeat of the issue. So far... Bob
  3. Thank you Scott. I will change my Evernote password and see how that works. I'd rather not go to 2FA. Bob
  4. It happened again yesterday! Surely there is a fix for this.
  5. I started having this problem 2 days ago. I have one Mac Ver 10.14.2 and only one iPhone but Evernote keeps saying am using two iPhones and gives them different names. Very annoying!
  6. I'm still looking for an answer as to why my "Evernote Helper" icon disappears from my Mac menu bar. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks! Bob
  7. It was High Sierra and the problem existed there for a long time. I am now on Mojave and it is still a problem. Thanks for replying!
  8. I'm wondering why I haven't received any replies to this. Guess I haven't broken the code yet.
  9. When Evernote is open on my MacBookPro, a black clipper Elephant icon appears on my menu bar. (Maybe there will be a screen shot of the icon attached to this post!) That makes it very handy to clip web pages to Evernote without opening Evernote. The problem is that the icon disappears from the menu bar very quickly if Evernote itself is not open. Any ideas how to fix that would be appreciated! Bob
  10. Thanks DTLow, Yes, I saw the reference to Twitter but unlike the rest of the world, I don't Twit. But, after about a week of continously downloading (that I could not stop), the app updated and is now working correctly. Maybe I can get a grandkid to teach me to Twit. Cheers!
  11. Thanks. I am not a paying account so I guess I get no support.
  12. I have tried several times online to find out how to contact Evernote support. It seems to be impossible! The prompts ask me to send in a "ticket" but I cannot determine how to do that! Can anybody help me break the code while I search for a replacement app? I am almost ready to abandon Evernote! Thanks!
  13. "Search" finds different Evernotes but not my app. I have restarted and that didn't help. Thanks!
  14. Yep. No joy. Phone continues to try to update Evernote. I can't even figure out how to stop that! Thanks!
  15. My app icon has disappeared from my iphone and the appl will not update. Since the icon is missing I can't remove/delete the app and download a new one. When I try to download from the app store, there is no option to "get" the app. Any ideas? Thanks!
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