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  1. Dear GrumpyMonkey. Thanks for the comments and guidelines. It makes sense indeed to add context to a wish. I'll make sure I do more of it. I'll just add to this that the lack of visibility about futures evolutions of the products might be a reason, good or bad, for people to add up to the list of people showing interest in one given feature. I don't have the right combination of tools on the market yet (on the App Store), and I bet on EN to produce it. It is because I really like the products and that I am very keen on using them more that I feel frustrated not having any visibility. Knowing that major users requests / wish lists are being worked on would make me comfortable waiting for future releases. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Phil.
  2. The pricing is one thing. I may consider paying a fee for quality products. The distribution of features across separate apps vs. the integration of all features in one same app is a different matter. If find it too cumbersome to switch from app to app.
  3. A different view on this topic. The lack of rotation is also a blocker for me. However I would formulate the request differently. I don't want the rotation to be applied when exporting to Evernote, only for the sake of not having them sideways. I believe paper should rotate together with the iPad orientation. I rotate my iPad, the paper should rotate with it. When I use a template that reads only in portrait layout (see for instance most of the templates in the Time & Tasks collection, available in the EN market), I just cannot write on it in the landscape layout. Which is, unfortunately, what I get if I turn my iPad. Putting it differently, the current version of Penultimate forces me to use my iPad in portrait orientation. My suggestion would be: The design team could differentiate and implement the following options: - writing on a paper with a portrait OR a landscape layout - having the paper rotate OR not when the iPad rotates (even though I personally don't see a big interest in it, I just mention this option as an acknowledgement of EN's deliberate design choice to keep the paper not rotating, as it is currently the case) Both set of 2 options are independent but not mutually exclusive. Offering users the choice would, I presume, satisfy them all.
  4. Another testimonial to this subject. This is one of the major features that is missing in Penultimate. I want to be able to open PDFs from anywhere in iOS straight into Penultimate, and then sketch anything in it. I would use this to annotate and to sign documents. Note: I am very much in favor of integration, vs. multiple applications for different purposes. I will not bother using Evernote for storing, SketchIT to annotate and penultimate for handwriting. Penultimate + Evernote already has the most advanced set of features, I would love to see the missing features added to them only. This function as well as the paper rotation (see thread on this topic) and a zoom window (or any smart solution improving the zoom mode) would make Penultimate THE best nite taking app. And would kill any doubt about switching to competing applications. Thanks to the EN team for the good work.
  5. Here is another testimonial and one suggestion on this topic. I have read EN's justification for this behavior. I praise their effort to innovate, this might have been a good idea. My experience says it's not. Indeed, if you use a paper template with horizontal lines, you want the sheet of paper to turn in the direction you read. My latest experiment is striking: I have purchased from EN a set of paper templates. I am very happy using the "week planner 2" template, however Penultimate does not allow me to use it in landscape mode (otherwise, the day boxes and day labels are rotated)!!! My suggestion would be to offer the option to enable / disable the rotation. This would make everybody satisfied. It would be verrrrry appreciated to have a feedback on whether a fix / change in this function is planned for an upcoming new version. This would prevent frustrated users to switch to other solutions on the market (I am using alternately NoteShelf ; it has anything I need, from functions to quality, BUT, very sadly, Evernote synchronization). Thanks to the EN team.
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