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  1. The pricing is one thing. I may consider paying a fee for quality products. The distribution of features across separate apps vs. the integration of all features in one same app is a different matter. If find it too cumbersome to switch from app to app.
  2. Another testimonial to this subject. This is one of the major features that is missing in Penultimate. I want to be able to open PDFs from anywhere in iOS straight into Penultimate, and then sketch anything in it. I would use this to annotate and to sign documents. Note: I am very much in favor of integration, vs. multiple applications for different purposes. I will not bother using Evernote for storing, SketchIT to annotate and penultimate for handwriting. Penultimate + Evernote already has the most advanced set of features, I would love to see the missing features added to them only. This fu
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