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  1. Seems like a small thing, but it was this very "we're not fixing it so just live with it" flaw that made me bail for Microsoft OneNote a year ago. I'm anything but an MS shill - they've made more than their share of blunders, but *wow* - the difference in usability is night and day. Formatting is like a mini version of Word, and everything just works. Note taking went from an exercise in frustration to something I do all the time without really noticing - as it should be. Evernote may have jumped the shark: http://www.businessinsider.com/evernote-is-in-deep-trouble-2015-10
  2. Among several chronic frustrations, the remarkably crude handing of formatting was the one that finally frustrated me enough to get me to give up on Evernote. I used it a lot, and depended on it, but in the end it's just too clunky, and it's not getting better. I just today finished moving all of my notes out of Evernote to OneNote with the aid of this small, imperfect, but indispensable tool: http://stefanstools.sourceforge.net/Evernote2Onenote.html ciao, J
  3. So, are all the notes actually stored in html format? I know we can export all of them to html, but are they natively html? If it is, then it's not a requestable feature. I think we can all agree this would come handy. Manually doing the copy-past-back-and-forth is very tedious when it comes to more than a few portions of text I think it *is* a requestable feature. WHYSIWYG editors that work on HTML are difficult to be sure, and most of them (incl. Evernote's) don't work very well when it comes to making cut/paste and formatting work together. But difficult is not impossible. The Windows paradigm of asking *at the time of paste* whether the desired formatting is None, match the destination, match the source, etc. gets it mostly right, because at that moment it's possible to tell which formatting came in with the new content and which was there before. Afterward the distinction is lost. I hope EN has this on their to-do list somewhere.
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