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  1. LMAO - I switched to Noteshelf after the epic product launch fail of v6. Today I saw the 6.0.2 update and saw a note on page numbers and figured "hey - perhaps someone came to their senses at Evernote". Boy was I wrong. The app crashed 3 times after opening it and my JotScript still will not connect. I deleted Penultimate once and for all.
  2. Almost a year ago I purchased an iPad Air specifically to ditch a physical note book and go digital. I saw colleagues use the same format and decided to take the plunge. After much research I settled on Penultimate. I tried a few styluses (is it stylii?) adn eventually ended up with the Jot Script. Last week I blindly upgraded to v6 of Penultimate. I had just started a new job so I planned to set up some new notebooks and be on my way. I figured that the drift would get better, the Jot Script would get better and there would be some cool new features. Instead I got a stylus that no longer connects to the app and as has been outlined at nauseum here in the forums and a new UI that is a disaster. When I somehow got my Jot Script to connect for a few moments I discovered a bug ridden UI that was unusable. I like most loyal customer have been upset over this. I was outraged but figured common sence would prevail. They (Evernote) would have to roll this back and admit their mistake. No - they have dug in their heels and are pushing ahead. So much so that when I reported my issues (as a premium member) my reply was basically "check out the FAQ" as if the problem was ME vs a DISASTER OF A PRODUCT LAUNCH. Yesterday I switched to Noteshelf. It's not bad. It has some features (insert text, more pens etc.) that alone are worth switching for even without the current issues. Then today I back peddled and gave the "download on an old iPad v5 restore" a shot. Ta da.. the old Penultimate was back. Then I used it. Then I said to myself "I miss those new Noteshelf features" and "wait... I am locked into v5.3.1 forever!". At this point I made the choice to stick with Noteshelf. Evernote made their choice and I just made mine. Sincerely, Dan Tappin Calgary, AB
  3. I switched to Noteshelf: Pros: keeps the notebook UIdecent Jot Script supportlots of pens etc.you can add typed text to noteslooks like they have responsive developers / supportEvernote upload (in-app purchase)Cons: no drift but the zoom writing feature is not badI have found some issues with papers not rendering properly As for the Jot Script I have actually found that I could turn the palm rejection completely off. With Penultimate there was always issues with my palm still causing artifacts etc. With Noteshelf I have not had a single issue so far.
  4. So after mistakenly upgrading I discovered that my Jot Script became useless so before reading about the rest of the users issues I opened a ticket with Evernote: Here is what I asked: To be fair the "moves all my vet the page" was suppose to be "moves all over the page" (blame my fat thumbs). Here is the response I got today from Evernote support:
  5. Me too. I was on there right away to voice my anger and my posts are still pending. There are only 35 posts - what does that tell you
  6. We are actively working on many of the issues noted here. No additional pressure needed "Actively working on many of the issues?" Josh does Evernote not realize what a complete disaster this is? Why is v5 not back in the store? Probably 1 in a hundred posts, tweets etc are even remotely positive. We don't want v6.0.1 we need v5 until you guys trash v6 and improve on v5 to make v7. Why has there not been a public acknowledgment from Evernote on this? Bite the bullet and admit you guys totally missed the boat on this. It will go a long way on keeping the the people who have not switched apps already. I have purchased Noteshelf and will be using it on Monday morning at work going forward. There will be a point of no return where it won't matter if v5 comes back or v6.1 "fixes" this.
  7. Same here - I will admit that I have a large, multi page PDF but it's almost unusable. I add an annotation and the snipping wheel of death appears for a minute between each action. Add a stamp, SWOD, click to edit the stamp text, SWOD, finish editing stamp text, SWOD... rinse and repeat. It takes forever. Dan
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