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  1. I wasn't saying my $45 extra dollars could support an entire development project. I was saying that I'd be willing to vote with my wallet for the advantage of boolean search features. Likewise, I'd be willing to bet there's a sizable customer base who would be willing to do the same thing. There's untapped, niche opportunities in Evernote's customer base. The software is great, yet I'm sure a large enough base of customers exist out there who would be willing to pay more for Evernote to develop a "Super Premium" edition. This entire website is devoted to a task-organization system that would be made massively better using Boolean search: http://thesecretweapon.org I'd be willing to bet a sizeable amount of their forum base would be willing to pay for a feature like this. Evernote has a lot of niche potential that they're not taking advantage of, and Boolean Search would open up huge, specific application possibilities. No software project is too big or complicated if the money is there to profitably support it.
  2. For Evernote to add this feature in I would happily pay double my annual subscription. Evernote is really powerful and you get a bunch for just $45/yr. I'd happily pay more annually for a "Super Premium" feature like full boolean saved search (and tagging automation would be nice, as well). I'm using tags now far more than folders (so I can use tags to track multi-context notes) and so I think there's enough people who would benefit from a full boolean search feature that would allow you to search Evernote more robustly. My inspiration for my current workflow has been: http://thesecretweapon.org/ I'd definitely pay more for something like this because evernote is a steal at $45 a year. Having boolean search across multiple folders and/or tag contexts would create a huge spike in my productivity that would be worth extra money. I hope Evernote is taking inventory of feature requests like this. -J
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