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  1. I wasn't saying my $45 extra dollars could support an entire development project. I was saying that I'd be willing to vote with my wallet for the advantage of boolean search features. Likewise, I'd be willing to bet there's a sizable customer base who would be willing to do the same thing. There's untapped, niche opportunities in Evernote's customer base. The software is great, yet I'm sure a large enough base of customers exist out there who would be willing to pay more for Evernote to develop a "Super Premium" edition. This entire website is devoted to a task-organization system that would
  2. For Evernote to add this feature in I would happily pay double my annual subscription. Evernote is really powerful and you get a bunch for just $45/yr. I'd happily pay more annually for a "Super Premium" feature like full boolean saved search (and tagging automation would be nice, as well). I'm using tags now far more than folders (so I can use tags to track multi-context notes) and so I think there's enough people who would benefit from a full boolean search feature that would allow you to search Evernote more robustly. My inspiration for my current workflow has been: http://thesecretweapon
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