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  1. I agree that if Evernote Contacts can be exported into CSV so that I can export to Outlook (not using the contact syncing functionality built into my mobile phone), it would be an amazing feature, and business users would be much more likely to use Evernote as contact storage.
  2. I strongly agree. In order to truly facilitate collaboration, it would be great to see Evernote adding a "discussion" or "comment" feature to Notes. The example I was discussion with customer support is if I wanted to share a relevant article or website with some colleagues. I'd like to be able to save a note using Web Clipper, and then have a way for other collaborators of that notebook comment on the article and discuss with each other. The current problem is that, even if another user "edits" the note and adds a comment, there isn't a way to see who made that comment. I would definitely want this feature to be available in mobile form as well. A workaround could be to always have users identify themselves when leaving a comment, or use different colors (for example, in Skitch), but that seems to be a fairly clunky workaround. Other users' thoughts on how they handle this would be welcome.
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