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  1. hi - this is not an idea but a question, I hope it's ok to post it here. I recently synced Evernote with the New York Times Cooking app. I had ~30 notes tagged 'recipe' that showed up, but another ~20 also showed up that had no tag (but they were also recipes). My question is: how is Evernote deciding what to send to the Times? Are you looking through all of my notes to do so (I assume)? How often and how exactly does that happen? thanks!
  2. This service plugin totally worked for me (https://www.evernote...e061840f53a4997) just now; installed and working in a minute. The instructions say Mavericks but it's working for me on 10.8.5 (option-command-E moves selected mail to evernote and then highlights the original email in blue and pushes it into Archive).
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