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  1. Not really. Tried back then, but I need a function that always works (at least) application-wide. Click inside note and try again
  2. Thanks, Not against workarounds and snippet utilities, but I fear those are a bit fragile during updates. But hey, it looks like the keystroke series I once found works again in this version! (thanks both of you, for jogging my memory) F6, TAB, HOME ..is little "writing", so call it a longcut. But beats scrolling (hoping for any EN-development)
  3. Hi, have looked for this before and will give it a last try. The most important Evernote navigation/view operation for me (besides search) is (would be) to return to (all) Notebooks while having the notes list scrolled and selected at top/latest. This is partly because I prefer to review, book-sort, title, tag and "clean" notes a little several times every day, at least what's important. Did I miss something after all? Hope to hear from somebody doing more than collecting recipes never cooked
  4. Evernote has great strengths (search, speed, taxonomy, etc) and I have not yet bothered to look for a replacement. But I have tested sync and move to other platforms, and it works reasonably well. So I stay, knowing this is another strength, one that is absolutely required. I pay the Premium fee alone to show support for the very important note-taking tool of my choice. What worries me about Evernote is that I can't figure out their agenda! Paying customers? Business users? Nah, can't be if a the reading experience on a mobile device is awkward. And this is not the only time that basic
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