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  1. Let's hope for a configurable global "home" shortcut some day!
  2. Not really. Tried back then, but I need a function that always works (at least) application-wide. Click inside note and try again
  3. Thanks, Not against workarounds and snippet utilities, but I fear those are a bit fragile during updates. But hey, it looks like the keystroke series I once found works again in this version! (thanks both of you, for jogging my memory) F6, TAB, HOME ..is little "writing", so call it a longcut. But beats scrolling (hoping for any EN-development)
  4. Hi, have looked for this before and will give it a last try. The most important Evernote navigation/view operation for me (besides search) is (would be) to return to (all) Notebooks while having the notes list scrolled and selected at top/latest. This is partly because I prefer to review, book-sort, title, tag and "clean" notes a little several times every day, at least what's important. Did I miss something after all? Hope to hear from somebody doing more than collecting recipes never cooked
  5. ..forgot to say: Also tons of new bugs in the new WebClipper shell. Really no need to use it at all, because it fails to clip much of the page 4 of 5 times. Specially when making a selection. So it is copy from web page, new note, paste, copy from web page title, paste in title field and so on. Evernote for Windows also struggle a little these days: Notes need to be edited more often than before it seems, to be readable Undo hardly works, definitely not when pasting.
  6. I thought this missing option, WebClipper to Evernote Windows, was a bug that eventually would be fixed. So this time i decided to swallow the inconvenience for quite some time and don't waste time reading long community threads. Well then! I understand that you really wanted to go the route with Firefox WebExtensions, get some out of the box coding benefits, and sacrifice web clipping to windows. But removing essential functionality, that you should know is deep in user's workflow, is serious. I have not been warned directly. Have someone been approached by Evernote, asked to sign up for email alerts (or RSS feed) on "Very important product changes"? That would have been professional, and I wouldn't have the feeling that I should spend some time testing alternatives.
  7. Evernote has great strengths (search, speed, taxonomy, etc) and I have not yet bothered to look for a replacement. But I have tested sync and move to other platforms, and it works reasonably well. So I stay, knowing this is another strength, one that is absolutely required. I pay the Premium fee alone to show support for the very important note-taking tool of my choice. What worries me about Evernote is that I can't figure out their agenda! Paying customers? Business users? Nah, can't be if a the reading experience on a mobile device is awkward. And this is not the only time that basic features are ignored. What still puzzles me (should maybe not) is Evernote's lack of communication in these cases. And if you try a workaround on your own you can soon be met with what looks like an attempt of platform lock-in. For example, I'm taking my Android tablet and try to log in to Evernote from Firefox. Firefox for Android has a very nice reading mode. But, Evernote does not permit login from mobile browsers. So I circumvent that by the "Show desktop page" from Firefox. Only to find that in this particular case, the Firefox read mode button isn't there. Turns out that the Evernote web page does not expose a main body like most other sites. There is though, one workaround that probably will help you in almost all cases, if you accept "a little" tweaking when you take the note. This is the short version, and I'm only addressing the problem with really tiny text not being able to float/wrap (answer to OP is technically still NO it seems): While nothing is said, I suspect that most users in this and other threads somehow involve clipping of web pages in the troubled notes. Some pages come out quite well if you select/clip the right area. Evernote is not bad at clipping HTML but far from perfect. Manually copying a selection and pasting over a note is a trick that often work. But lots of pages come out crippled, almost always when deprecated HTML is used instead of styling, and when we see the bad practice of tables being used to structuring a page. Then use Evernote's "Simplify formatting" for every note when you can. It's a lot better than not being able to read at all when you are mobile! It seems to me that around 5% of the pages I'm interested in (for study etc) come out almost perfect, maybe 40% come out with a lot of extra line breaks (just slightly annoying), but the rest come out with a lot of line breaks removed. The latter is typical for a bit older pages with HTML tags that should have been coded with CSS instead. So for important notes (backup of referred web pages, things to return to often, etc) I have to manually insert line breaks all the way, taking time. But it works - with some cooking using keyboard. If you use Evernote simply to "read later" then choose something else entirely.
  8. This is definitely a bug. Did not touch Evernote elsewhere. Looks like this happens from a new note, at the 2nd autosave ("restoring" the content of the first autosave). To be safe you should probably leave the autosync at a long interval, or turn it off.
  9. Hi, I have valued Evernote a lot, for remarkable speed and good sync. I'm using the Windows version mostly, currently at v5.8.13.8152. The last 8 months or so I have not been impressed with the sync. Guess I've had 10 to 15 frustration incidents, some of them too late to fix: - I take some notes during a phone conversation or similar, then I suddenly have my cursor placed in and writing in the note as it looked 10 minutes ago. A conflicting note is created by Evernote, but that doesn't help as the last 10 minutes of writing are gone in both! Note history doesn't cover this case either. My Android phone is set to sync a few notebooks automatically, and I often have a second windows app running on another computer simultaneously. Windows computers sync time at time.windows.com, and the phone uses the time of my carrier. I have never seen them display different value for minute, but I have thested the phone and it is off with nearly a second most of the time. (has been no reason to investigate this tiny discepancy so far) The Windows versions sync every 5 and 30 minutes respectively. The really ugly part is when I quickly make a note and directly switch application etc, and don't notice the loss until later. Once upon a time I chose to switch from OneNote to Evernote, completely because of it's hassle-free operation. Now I feel the foundation shaking quite a bit.. Btw, even though I'm a Premium user, I have previously been getting a lot better answers from this forum than by the support. Thanks guys
  10. This really doesn't work for me as I need to do several sucessive edits, at least with 50% of the cases. Risk of forgetting the manual "sccreenshot update" is significant, and I would be viewing wrong data. (a system developer like me hates duplicates that sooner or later gets out of sync..) Wouldn't dream of asking for this feature a few years ago. So my spreadsheet notes remains in carefully named files in DropBox for now. Well,it's a duplicate after all, in terms of systems to search
  11. Hi all, This is mostly for the Windows client (latest,, I'm having a Premium subscription. I'm aware there's no "simple spreadsheet" as integral part of evernote, althogh I (and a number of posters) really could use a way to make simple calculated lists. (mini-budgets, comparing offers etc) I can see why Evernote is reluctant doing "spread". But I can't see any useful workaround using an external editor, like Excel. What seems like one obvious solution: Adding (dragging etc) a spreasdheet file to a note, edit externally, but preview the filled part of the active sheet directly, without click & wait. DropBox works like a charm with a fast web preview of XLSX and XLS files. Evernote just shows an icon for these file types. Making copies to Evernote really won't do in a workflow today. (I like a lot about Evernote, absolutely, but it can't yet become my sole "master system" for smaller information clips) Or did I miss something? Thanks! -olav
  12. Just got from the support chat that there's a few hours wait even if you are a Premium user. Anyone sending pictures to Evernote trying to get text? Using other/additional product? Manual/instant processing would certainly be a nice premium feature. Acrobat is nice for OCR, but I'd like to be less dependent on a few desktop computers. Thanks, -olav
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