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  1. Solution to changing the font the way it was in prior versions (or getting rid of the "outline" font): Download the last version 1 of Skitch at http://www.oldapps.com/mac/skitch_for_mac.php Until devs finish updating this feature to be cross platform, the only option is to sit tight on your laptop version you need for work. Works like a dream for me. Hope that helps. -Tyler M.
  2. Hi Jeff, While the Mac has the keys, the shortcuts do not operate the same. Here is a great graphic for any Mac users looking for a list of shortcuts: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s2/sh/4ccb9f11-62cd-43e6-8de0-fa7d7f5fc364/9816602a05ed20c526cdb5b875694e77 Again the best option that works is the option+command+2 and the command+1 or 2 for a shortcut you want.
  3. Anyone find a discussion for Mac users trying to keep your hands on the keyboard and work through notes? No way to easily toggle between editing a note (Command+L) for example takes you to the title of a note and you can tab through to edit. All fine and good until you attempt toggle back to your list of notes to edit the next one or view another note. The only work around I've found is using (option+command+F) to jump to the find window and choosing to redo a search to list notes and then I can arrow up or down to select the list of notes. Or worse having to do (option+command+2) then (option+command+1) to clumsily switch to a list of notebooks then back to all notes. Anyway the result is constantly having to reach for a mouse in most cases breaking my work flow. Any solutions?
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