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  1. @amanda_h Tried your fix as well and it didn't work for me. @Frustrated1 @chiefted Finally found something that worked for me and hoping it may be a solution for you and others still fighting the problem after trying 6.11 I did some more digging after I uninstalled all the extensions I had for Safari - including Web Clipper and quit Safari. When I looked in my ~/Library/Safari/Extensions/ folder, I found an "Evernote Web Clipper.safariextz" file that seemed to be an old and leftover. This despite the extension showing as gone and having installed more recent versions of the extension since this one's last modified date. I deleted this file and also cleaned the local EN cache files in ~/Library/Safari/LocalStorage/ (search folder for "ever" and delete). I then restarted Safari and installed the 6.11 WC extension and logged in. Viola! It worked again. Added my various other preferred extensions and checked as I went along. Still kept working. (MacOS Sierra with Safari 10.0.3)
  2. Was hoping that the new 6.11 version of the Safari Web Clipper extension would fix things but it hasn't for me.
  3. So it has been a month since EN started this new thread and closed down the others. Clipper is still not working for me despite all the suggestions, opening a ticket, posting logs, etc. I provided browser console logs that even suggested particular lines of code that Safari is complaining about, etc. EN is about to lose me as premium customer. And it would be helpful for all those saying a fix worked for them to note their OS, Browser and Clipper version. A number of the "fixes" that seem to help some people don't work on other configurations.
  4. I have had it set as that and it doesn't solve the issue for me.
  5. Same Issue - clipper not functional. 10.12.2/10.0.2/6.10.3 Not using WIPR or other Content blocker other than Ghostery and AdBlockplus extensions, which are disabled. Just removed and reinstalled for the about the 15 time. Have tried turning off all other extensions and opening up the clipper again. But found a bit of new info by trying to use the clipper with Safari's dev console open - I get a number of these errors when trying to use the clipper to clip a couple of different pages: [Error] XMLHttpRequest cannot load safari-extension://com.evernote.safari.clipper-Q79WDW8YH9/87efafa7/_locales/en_us/messages.json. Cross origin requests are only supported for HTTP. a (port.js:2:2919) _getL10nData (port.js:2:3802) getMessage (port.js:2:3972) getExtensionID (Browser.js:2:109) initBrowser (Browser.js:2:907) Global Code (Browser.js:2:8907) If I use Safari's Dev mode and disable Cross-Origin Restrictions, I get a run of this error instead: [Error] Failed to load resource: The file “messages.json” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file. (messages.json, line 0) Hope that helps someone. Safari seems to be breaking at about line 155 of port.js in the Cross Origin error.
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