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  1. Wilburguy. What worked for me was to remove pretty much all vestiges of Evernote, down to the com.evernote files. I used AppDelete to get rid of it but as always YMMV. Hope this helps.
  2. The second part of @webguy steps worked (I didn't have the .safariextz file), though cleaning out the ~/Library/Safari/LocalStorage/ folder of anything with ever in it solved the issue. I restarted Safari just to be sure. As I said in another post (and I want to ensure that Evernote sees this) I am happy to be productive in my studies, I am NOT happy with all the grief everyone went through. A 2 day Twitter conversation where I was told to submit a support request (which I had done already and had heard absolutely NOTHING), then submitted a second one where I pointed to three different f
  3. Suffice it to say that the problem as gotten dramatically worse! After upgrading to the latest version of the web clipper extension, when clicking on the icon it does absolutely nothing. I have tried all the solutions listed. Logging out and back in. I have a premium account. Check my privacy settings. It does the same thing whether I have two factor authentication turned on or off (I would much prefer to have it on). I am one "this is how you annotate pdfs inline in OneNote" suggestion away from switching, and I have been with Evernote since almost the beginning. I remember when your HQ
  4. Well that could explain why "loops" when I try to sign in (click on the web clipper, opens a new Safari page, tells me I need to sign in, closes said page without letting me sign in).
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