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  1. When emailing notes from Evernote for mac ( 6.0.6 beta 2 ) - I cc'd myself - and when I look at my email in 2 different browsers the images are all stretched out. I'll attach a screenshot. When using the Evernoteapplication on my mac the images all look correct and not stretched out. macbook pro evernote for mac 6.0.6 beta 2
  2. Hi. I have a 2nd monitor attached to my laptop via hdmi and I have Chrome open on the 2nd monitor. If I go to use the evernote helper clipper thing in the top right of my OS X screen to use the "clip rectangle or window" tool it will let me draw a rectangle on either screen and clip that to evernote... but it is not clipping what I am drawing the rectangle around. It's clipping some other part of some window - difficult to tell where it's grabbing this image from. It doesn't work on either the macbook's screen or the 2nd monitor. However, the "clip full screen" does work just fine. BUT! If I disconnect the 2nd monitor and have just the macbook open the "clip rectangle or window" works fine - just as expected. -thanks
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