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  1. Yeah You are right :-) Did no even notice that I did that. - Thanks
  2. Hi I have searched for this topic but have not found anything, so here goes I one of my notes book, almost all the notes, have a green line above the note title, in the note list. the line is there all the time if in list, snippet or card view. Also when seen in "All Notes" these notes have the same green line. As far as I know, there is nothing special about that notebook. Does anybody know what that green line means ? Thanks
  3. Look great Have not had the time yet to poke around and see what it can yet. One thing I did find however, is that I am not able to decide where the Note Panel appears. In List view, it appear below the list. In snippet and Card view, is is on the right. As I remember I used to be able to select where it should be, but now I cannot find the option.
  4. I second keisoko: Changed behavior when selecting a saved search. Pressing F6 and then selecting a saved search in the dropdown gives no results. Default is now "Search current content" and while that can be good in some instances, here it does not work, 1. Even when in the correct notebook, there is no search results. 2. When pressing F6 and then entering the search string manually, it returns results from all notebooks. This behaviour makes evernote hard to navigate, and searches very difficult.
  5. Thank you :-) I also do this, and it is a help but still not as easy as my suggestion :-) I use combinations of saved searches, all the time, but find that If I have too many saved searches it takes too long to select the one I need.
  6. Thanks I do use saved searches, works but not as easy and seamless as the "Sticky search" would . also I would have to create new ones all the time. Have not heard of PhaseExpress, will check it out, to see what it can do.
  7. I am a happy evernote user, and I think the tags are a well functioning feature, and use them a lot. I Have a large number of notes in evernote, all around the same subject. These notes have many different tags. But there are 3 tags in particular, where 1 of them and only one, is assigned to every note. Lets call the 3 tags 2014, 2015 and 2016 When I search, I often have the need to search for notes with one of the tags, and to continue doing that for the entire day. At the same time, I also have the need to search all notes except notes with one specific tag. (eg "yellow") I am aware that I can search with tag:2015 and -tag:yellow, but what would be really nice is a possibility to set one or multiple "sticky tags" to be used in all searches. Then I could set the sticky search string to tag:2015 -tag;yellow and whatever new search I then made would only include notes with the tag "2015" and never the tag "yellow" The sticky search string should be easy to clear or change. and could be a searchbox next to the regular searchbox. This would save me a lot of typing in the search box. Regard
  8. I agree on this. In general I like the new web client, too much white space thoug. But Nestet tages are vital, especially when you work on both desktop client and web, and have the nested tags on the desktop, the tags does not make sence when not viewed in nested hierachy please bring them to the new interface.
  9. Obiviously not knowing how this could be done, have seen it in other programs though. Maybe it could be a preference set for each notebook, and then properties (sorting/viewing criteria) could be sent to the view, and thereby changing the display of the notes, when the notebook is selected.
  10. I have various Notebook for very different content types. In some of the Notebooks, i like to see my notes in list format, in other they are best viewed in cardview. In some notebooks I allways want to see the newst entries first, in others I want to see them by title. I know I can switch between list, snippet and card with shortkeys, but having to switch view typ AND selecting anoter sorting, becomes tedious when switching between notebooks all the time I would like to be able to save the view layout individually for each Notebook.
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