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  1. if anybody is trying to connect with blogwith.com for Evernote to WordPress right now it's broken...Evernote is checking out the backend to see what broke.
  2. Thanks for the information gcoghill...I'll give it a shot and see if blogwith.co is a better solution for us. We're trying to write our new user guides within Evernote and then post them to our WordPress website so we can easily update them in one place and then publish those changes to our WordPress site each time we update our software. I know you said you haven't tried it much, but do you think it would it's purpose to accomplish this?
  3. has anybody come up with the best way to accomplish pushing Evernote to WordPress? I am in the process of trying out Postash.io and I've got their website synced with my Evernote, but how does this get to my WordPress website? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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