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  1. Yes, I am running iOS7 and the app is automatically updated. Thanks for the info -- I do not see "sync now" when I click on the elephant icon on the iPad. I did however find it when I clicked on my name (below the account information). From what I've observed so far, this problem seem to only affect whatever note is open when I start Evernote on the iPad (whichever one I used last) -- if it's open, it seems to assign the current date and time to that note (even if it's old), and sends it to the server with the current date and time as soon as I open it up, overriding any changes that were made on other devices. I guess a temporary way around it would be to make sure I close any notes I've been working on before I turn off my iPad (if I remember to do that each time I use it). Unfortunately, that still doesn't help me retrieve the three days worth of updates that I just lost on that particular note. Another question: If I DID break down and update to premium, will it have my history, or does it only start keeping it AFTER you upgrade?
  2. This is the second or third time this has happened and is becoming a major issue. I usually work with Evernote on my MacBook, and regularly sync it (manually) to make sure that all of my notes are up to date on the server. However, when I open Evernote on my iPad (which I don't use as frequently), instead of updating the iPad with the latest versions of my notes, the older versions of those notes from my iPad get synced to the server (with the current date and time, instead of looking at the date and time they were modified), and overwrite all of the changes I've made. I just lost three days worth of updates on my to-do list. I see that you can retrieve your history if you pay for a premium account, but it's really hard to justify paying to fix a problem that shouldn't be occurring in the first place. Is there another way to (a) retrieve my notes and (b ) prevent this from occurring in the future? On an unrelated note, I haven't yet figured out how to manually sync the iPad to the server if I made changes on that.
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