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  1. gbarry Thanks. I'll resume my paying subscription!
  2. To the Evernote team: Am actually going to cancel my premium membership because of this ad. It clearly is standard now to remove ads from premium accounts, and I think it looks unprofessional to have "branded e.mails": it looks like you have no money to pay for the premium version or a proper software. If my e.mails look cheap, then I'd better not pay for it! It's sad, because I like to support Evernote, but this really is a no-go for me.
  3. Hello there! I 100% agree with this development request. I use Evernote both on a personal and professional level (as Evernote is meant to be!) and it is annoying to have to send e.mails only with either the biz or the personal e.mail. Thanks in anticipation! JB R
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