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  1. Now the wording is "View as attachment".
  2. OMG this totally worked for me. I'm saved!
  3. I think the highlight color is still quite distracting, very bright and saturated.
  4. I know you've gotten a lot of complaints about the lack of contrast in the sidebar, but now the colored background for selected sidebar items is distracting! Most of the time I want to be paying attention to what I'm writing in a note, not the fact that "Notes" is selected in the sidebar.
  5. TheGurkha and BurgersNFries, That's a good point -- I should take the time to better organize my tags. However, all or most of the other query types search for "contains", so I think for the sake of consistency and convenience enabling the "tag:" query type to search for "contains" would be good.
  6. As of now it seems the "tag:[text]" query only searches tags for exact matches of "[text]" or for tags that start with "[text]" (by adding "*" at the end). It would be great if I could search for notes that have tags that contain certain text. For example, I've been tagging Notes about Web Hosting with the tags "web_hosting", "hosting" and "web hosting". I want to be able to search for tags containing "hosting", which would match all of those tags. However, If I use either of the existing tag query options -- "tag:hosting" or "tag:hosting*" -- the only results I'll get will be Notes tagged with "hosting". In conclusion, I want to be able to search for notes with similar tags in a single "tag contains" query.
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