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  1. Here's a solution until an official update is released. Requirements: Mac + Alfred App with Alfred Powerpack. Download my workflow and it will enable a hot key that lets you modify one or many reminders at once. How to use: Download workflow and import into Alfred Open Evernote Select reminder(s) Use ⌘ + ⇧ + R to bring up the menu Get things done View on Alfred Forum View on GitHub
  2. I think you misunderstood my first post. When you right click on an actual note, you are presented with this: Selecting "Open Note in New Tab" should open the "Note" in a new tab, not clone the current all notes view. I would expect it to behave in the same way that "Open Note in New Window" does except within a tab, not a new window. Is this not the intent of that menu item? It seems broken or non-functional to me.
  3. Am I dumb? When I right click on a note, and select "Open Note In New Tab" I expected to see the "note in a new tab" as the menu option suggests. Instead, it simply opens a new "All Notes" view. Moreover, I can't seem to open a single note in full tab mode at all, there just seems no way to do this. What's going on here?
  4. @DTLow Thanks for the quick reply. The page you linked only showed the "common" terms but it had a link to the developer page where I found them all: http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php
  5. I can't seem to find a full Syntax listing for the search capabilities of Evernote. I keep finding patchy cheat sheets that don't include everything. For example, I can't find a list of keywords when searching for reminders. I see others using something like remindersTime:* but where is the full listing? How did they even figure this out? The "Add Search Option" dropdown is completely useless to me, and when evernote actually suggests a useful search you can't click in the search tokens to see what the syntax is.
  6. As someone else put it; this was a waste of my time. Upon opening an app with an active notification badge It should be very obvious to the end user what is causing the badge to show up. This is UX (User Experience) fundamentals. Here are the facts as I know them when it comes to notification badges on iOS: 1. Badges will show up for each reminder that is past due even if it's past due by an hour. 3. Chats will also cause badges to show up, though I'm not sure why mine did. It was simply something I shared over a month ago. Nothing pressing there. Which begs the question, why is a chat being started on something I simply "shared." I had no intention of "chatting" about my shared note. I simply wanted to share it.
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