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  1. well at 9,700 post in this forum you might be right "evernote user" to help evernote customers understand the roadmap in a more transparent manner instead of shifting the core topic of the thread. when is selective sync for mac OS scheduled for release?
  2. how "full" you can fill your hard drive without experiencing performance issues is relative to each machine. conventional wisdom says keep about half of your hard drive available, but its quite possible to fill it to 90% or more and not experience any negative results on some machines. in my case, my evernote data is approaching 300GB. with only 10GB, you probably have tons of room to grow, depending on how much storage your hard drive contains.
  3. note to senior management: the failure to provide selective sync is a poison pill for evernote's ability to retain its most valuable customers (the people who use the platform the most). because evernote does not support selective sync, the company has a de facto kill switch for its most valuable customers. you have ceded control over your churn rate to computer hard drive manufacturers. the lifecycle of evernote premium customers — and hence our lifetime value to evernote — is simply defined by the size of local hard drives. for me, your kill switch tripped today, when the size of my mandatory-sync evernote data finally began impacting the performance of my machine. had i been able to choose which notes i carry around and which notes are cloud-only, i would still be a customer. instead, today i began using one note - a competing product. until today, i was evernote power user and brand advocate. its astonishing that this discussion (at least in this thread) is reduced to some kind of pseudo-democratic metaphor, where "enough votes" will somehow result in a feature being added to the engineering backlog. obviously, only a small number of people are hitting the kind of data volumes that make selective sync a "do or die" issue. but — in case this isn't totally obvious to evernote management — the small number of people asking for this are the ones at the top of your value segment. please let me know if you ever implement selective sync. i'd love to come back to evernote someday.
  4. please make it possible to disable document previews inside a note. i frequently put several documents together inside a note and i need to see them all without scrolling endlessly through pages. please, please, please offer an option to revert to the old way.
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