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  1. Thanks for the Uninstall/Reinstall tip, I thought I was going MAD....problem now resolved.
  2. Hallo Enrico, Vielen Dank für Ihrer Information, schade daß ich Ihren Bilder nicht sehen kann, aber ich hab es sowie so verstanden, auch wenn Ihren Antwort in Deutsch geschreiben ist. MfG Mike Scheerer
  3. Hi there, I have noticed that when a Penultimate Notebook synchronises with Evernote, the latest page that I have written in a notebook is (as one would expect) at the end and in Evernote I have to scroll to the end of the notebook to read the latest entries. My question is this? Would it be possible to have an option that would "reverse" the page order so that the latest page written will ALWAYS appear at the beginning of the note, so that I can always see the latest information first? Best Regards, Mike Scheerer an avid Evernote User and advocate...
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