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  1. These are the problems I am facing too and I am a paid premium member. Very disappointed in the upgrade of the clipper that now is rather unusable as so many errors. Please Evernote team sort this out or you may end up loosing your premium customers. I love Evernote and have not had any issues until now.
  2. @Helen Crozier glad to hear someone else has the same problem as me. Before the resonate update, I was always longed in and stayed logged well over 30 days, months or even a year. Can't remember how long but I was never having to login endless I do a software update or their is another technical issue/update etc. Hopefully the Evernote crew are reading this feedback and they working on a solution. Helen, I see you are an Evernote Certified Consultant, do you have access to the designer team to give them a boost or nudge to get this sorted?
  3. Hi Thanks for creating web clipper. But.... I am very frustrated in the new update re automatically signed in via Evernote Web as now web clipper on Chrome automatically logs me out every time I leave Chrome or shut down each day. The problem is I don't use the Evernote Web as I use the Evernote Application for my Mac so I am never signed in to Evernote Web. This causes the problem that I a have to sign in to Web clipper each time I want to use it, which is everyday for my business. Its time consuming and annoying to have to sign in again every day when I want to clip something, present or share etc. Its spoils my productivity which is what Evernote is all about is it not? Could you please make an adjustment so that, like previously before the update, I am consistently signed into web clipper even when logged off the computer. With respect and gratitude Jane
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