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  1. Using Ipad Air 2, IOS 11.2 and EN ver 8.9.2, I can only get the split screen method to work if i "SHARE" the note and paste the link into SAFARI. Otherwise, trying to sign in via Safari in evernote, keeps defaulting to the "Open Evernote" dialog box. The SHARE link method doesn't allow you to EDIT the shared note, but you can copy info from it to paste in the IOS EN app on the other side of the split screen.
  2. Yes. Same problem on both my Iphone and Ipad. Assumed it was my older devices, but discussion suggests this occurs on multiple versions of the devices.
  3. The font size is so small that I pinch the screen to see my notes as I type/create. Problem is the screen doesn't scroll to the right as I type, so unless I physically scroll, I can't see what I've typed. This slows down data entry. The iOS Zoom feature solves this but EN gets glitchy fast. Using an iPad Air 2 with 64GB space. I would expect this is capable of handling, but must affect memory or something. Would love an interim solution while you consider a long term one.
  4. I'm having the same speed issues. I can't tell if its EN or if its my IPAD Mini using IOS 8.3. Since I primarily use the device for EN, I havent noticed speed issues in other applications (though I've started trying to pay more attention). Depending on how much typing is required, I'm now typing certain notes using the built-in IOS Notes app and then pasting in EN. The allows for faster typing with fewer errors (seems like the delay is making it difficult for the word correct feature to do its thing) as well as use of larger Fonts for legibility(sp). However, this adds two steps to my process. First I have to copy and paste. Then I have to remove formatting from the text in order to format for my EN note (I have created a meeting template that I use for consistency). This is not ideal, but I like having everything in EN. I hate to say it, but I may have to see if IOS 9's new NOTES app provides a reasonable alternative. Not my preference as I'm a bit of an EN geek...but after the PenUltimate debacle in December and now the hiring of a new CEO...I'm nervous.
  5. Worked like a charm! You are a life saver! I'm back baby!
  6. Josh, Please clarify your comment regarding your statement, "...previous versions did not support access to multiple Evernote notebooks and some new features. ...". I can live without the "new features" if it returns functionality. What I dont' understand is the comment, "...support access to multiple Evernote notebooks ...". What does this part mean? I believe I have the old version in ITUNES and intend to reload from there...but I don't know what your comment means.
  7. Scott, I'm Not following. IOS 7.1.2 is the latest version. Perhaps those with Iphone 5s' have access to a newer IOS version compared to those of us with something older models. I'm also using PenUltimate v5.3. Perhaps you were referencing Evernote I've got that also. Hope this is more clear.
  8. Yes, please do update the thread. My largest notebook is 181 pages and Evernote web says its 26MB in size. As a premium user, this size shouldn't be an issue. Not sure it matters, but Im using a first generation IPAD Mini, with 3GB of space still free and operating on IOS 7.1.1. Actually, to play it safe and see if the notebook performance improves (when scrolling through the pages, in GRID view, scrolling is not smooth...I assume it could be my ipad memory or Penultimate. To play it safe, i'm going to move some of the notes to a NEW note book and consider it PART TWO of the original.
  9. My issue is similar, in that after I created my most recent note in PenUltimate, it somehow reverted to an older version of that note page. The frustrating thing is, in CARD view, you could see the changes that I made, but when you click on the notebook to get to that page, it showed the old info. Wasn't wise enough like someone above to copy the notebook elsewhere. When I touched the page, it recorded the touch associated with the OLD page info and that become the new info.
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