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  1. Shane, I am getting kicked out when I try to access Evernote Customer Support. 'm enocuntering two major issues with my Evernote. 1. Your support link on evernote.com is not working properly. a. I click CONTACT SUPPORT from my admin panel b. I log in with my username (DrRJ) and password c. I get dropped to this page: https://evernote.com/logged-out/?logout&uid=1132921 and told "YOU HAVE BEEN LOGGED OUT OF EVERNOTE. d. I repeat an endless loop by clicking on the support link at the bottom of the page NOTE: I FIRST REPORTED THIS ISSUE TO EVERNOTE ON T
  2. Thanks, I've found the options you spoke of. Is this functionality coming soon to the Android platform as well?
  3. The new business cardscsanning feature from Evernote Business could be much more valuable if the contact information automatically updated other user contacts lists, such as MS Outlook or Google Contacts. This is one of the key benefits entering a new contact into HELLO offers, but the process is quite lengthy from a data entry perspective if one has a group of business cards from an event. Is there a way to do this export that i am not aware of? Or is there a possibility to add this feature? Does anyone have other solutions? Thanks Dr RJ
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