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  1. Thanks, That was fast... So you guys know what the issue is? Im guessing its a rendering problem or something..??? I did notice that if I get the bad page above, and i click on the Web clipper button, it does render a new page layout, and i can see the side bar and some other stuff. I just can't click anything. I just noticed when i did that , that you guys have went to a new layout. I was just use to the drop down menu and now you went to some sidebar menu. Looks promising, can't wait to try it. Thanks again
  2. Good Morning There seems to be a new issue with this Web Clipper. I have been using the Web clipper with Safari for a while now and never have had this issue. Basically, i first noticed this over the weekend. When i try to log into my companies Ticket System, i should get this page But, over the weekend, when i log in, i get the following page I have narrowed it down to the web clipper. If i disable the web clipper, all is good. i can reach the page and everything, but when i enable the web clipper, it goes back to the screenshot above. Also on the screenshot above, there is nothing to click. You cannot click any of the buttons or anything. We do not even use that Chat feature and its not even turned on. I am not sure how the clipper is pulling that up. Safari 7.0 Please let me know if you need any more info
  3. Guess if your not an business user it might be, but PostBox is not a Business app..Its more for personal user.. It doesn't even support Exchange Severs. Only POP & IMAP which is horrible
  4. +1 - Evernote Premium user here..I was searching on Google to try to find a solution to this and found this thread... Please make an OSX Mac Mail to evernote plugin
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