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  1. Wechat is the most popular social and messaging platform in China. There is an "My Evernote" wechat account that I can add and then use it to save wechat messages into my evernote account. (See screen shot) This has been working relatively well until recently, when the wechat account displays a message "the authorization has expired. To save your wechat message you should connect to your evernote account". The message contains a link to 're-authorize'. Tapping the link results in an error. And the link points to: https://wechat.games365.in/evernote/handler/oauthAction/RedactedOAuthTo
  2. I tried to enable 2-step authentication today. First try, I finished all the steps on that dialog by clicking "Continue" and doing all the necessary, but still saw "2-step authentication not enabled" once back to the Settings. Second try, it worked. Second try was done immediately after the first try. So now the issue is, I always got two verification code in Google Authenticator. Could anybody from Evernote take a look at my account and fix it? I am assuming there is some "shadow" associated with my account during the 2-step authentication phase. Thanks!
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