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  1. These are both fundamental design issues with Skitch that didn't exist in V1, and which I've been trying to get them to recognise, with little success. They appear to have some kind of clever intended purpose for Skitch which they won't share with us, but which doesn't include a need for several of the basic sketching tools you'd expect to see! To be clear, in your case that's the lack of a fill tool, and the fact that you can't turn off auto-select so you can draw on top of other objects (or even just start a new line where the last one ended).
  2. Of course there isn't one of those either; an eraser.
  3. By the way, I meant to say that I understand you can't do everything at once, so if you're being pulled in two directions (fill vs shadows for example), something's got to give. So please stop wasting time playing with the UI and removing stuff, calling that a major upgrade, and concentrate on getting as many of the desired features in as possible. I'll live with a few rough edges if it means I can have stuff that's actually useful.
  4. What I'm trying to say Joe is that I prefer developers who make their own decisions. Those that say, for example, that in order to be the best visual communication tool out there, we need a fill tool, even if only 4% of our users know they need it at the moment; the rest will come to love it. I'd expect any developer to be able to listen to just one well reasoned plea for a given feature, and say "you know what, that's a damn fine idea, and doesn't get in the way of anything else we offer, so lets do it even though we've just had the one request". THAT is how you produce software that pleasantly surprises people, which in turn gets them talking about it, whereas the only surprises we get from Skitch in my experience are of the "where the hell has that gone" type. Skitch new releases are a constant source of frustration, whereas they should and could be a constant source of delight. Can you honestly tell me that separating colour and width settings while removing pdf markup and the library is likely to delight anybody? Do you honestly think that is worth a full version jump, even if it did add Mavericks compatibility as we should all expect anyway? I don't know about others, but I don't want a full drawing tool; I want to be able to sketch in as advanced a way as is necessary to communicate visually, in the least time and with the least effort possible That means having a full complement of appropriate tools to hand, even those I only touch once a month. I'm very very aware of when full drawing programmes become appropriate (engineering drawing in my case), and it is NOT for the sort of stuff I use Skitch for. Honestly Joe, despite everything you've said, all of which I can promise you I've read carefully and thought about, I can't for the life of me see what it is that you DO want Skitch to be if it's not a cross platform, multi-page pdf compatible, Evernote integrated version of what we had in Skitch 1? I still think you fail to understand just how perfect that was for it's intended purpose, and how much of it's been lost, even if it was single platform, and even if some bad monetisation decisions were made along the way.
  5. Hi Joe, thanks for the reply. I still don't see how you know what people used to use in Skitch one before you took it over. You can tell from your data which tools people do use, but not which they would use if they existed. I don't see how you can argue that Skitch as it stands today isn't dumbed down compared to Skitch 1. It's slicker I agree, but as I've illustrated to you privately, it simply cannot do as good a job of sketching as it could before. That surely is the very definition of dumbing down? I'd take more tools over splitting the tool colour and width controls any day. It's nice to have separate controls back, but what's the point if the thing won't let me sketch what I want to sketch? I think you also need to explain "and also a decision that we're not a sketching tool, we're making Skitch". What the heck is Skitch for if it's not for sketching (the clue's in the name)? As far as I can see, it's for visual communication, and fills (or would fill, if only it were full featured), a very specific niche within that, between paper and CAD/Sketchup/image editing. You can call it marking up, or screen capture, or whatever you want, but at the end of the day people are taking some image, and sketching on it to communicate visually. And if it IS for that, it needs a full set of tools, plus removal of some of the things that get in the way, like it used to have. How do you define sketching if it's not what Skitch (nearly) does? And if the intended use for Skitch isn't somewhere along the spectrum of sketching use examples I've sent you (can I have a reply please), what on earth IS it for? What tool do you think I should be using? For clarrity, I'm not pleading for the old Skitch back - I like a lot of what you've done - what I want is a Skitch that I don't have to close every other time I try to use it because it simply can't do what I need; it gets in the way of what I'm trying to sketch, whereas it should be doing exactly the opposite.
  6. I'm fascinated to know how you know it wasn't much used? It has so many basic uses when sketching that I simply don't believe it's not considered essential by a large proportion of your users/potential users/ex users. The problem with designing software democratically is that you end up with a dumbed down product, which never pushes the boundaries and never challenges your users to find more and more uses for it. If Apple had taken any notice of the fact that small form factor computers with touch UI's weren't used by many people, we'd have no iPad (in fact probably no tablets at all). Not that a fill tool is pushing the limits. It's pretty much core functionality for any sketching app.
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