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  1. I have several iOS devices but a problem with Evernote on the iPad Pro 2018 10.5 (iOS v 12.3.1) as many have described above. If I do not clear the search bar prior to closing Evernote, it freezes the next time I use it. I have to reboot to clear the search which requires me to re-pair my bluetooth devices (including my pencil) and re-sign into my VPN, etc. This is a SOFTWARE ERROR not a "feature". It is impacting my productivity. I have removed the app and re-installed installed it many times. I sync my devices constantly. The only fix for the IPAD Pro is to reboot and it is not really a "fix". As a long time Evernote user with several premiere accounts, I am going to be forced to move to an alternative if this is not remedied soon. Help?
  2. I have been a premium user since August 2010. The fact that I have to log in each time on my iPad -- and reset my entire iPad to fix it -- is making me regret this...rather than trying to sell me special post it notes, EN needs to invest in QA testing. When will this bug be fixed?
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