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  1. I used automatic fixing for at least two decades, on dozens of clients, and literally many millions of lines of software code. *****-ups were exceedingly rare, and in every case I can remember was just the SCC putting a block that identified the small section that it could not figure out properly. You would look at the source code, and everything would be fine, until you saw ">>>>>" followed by 'original code', then "<<<<<<" followed by 'new code' and "<<<<<<" to close off the block. You thus knew exactly what the change was that the SCC could not resolve itself. Easy to look at it, decide which version you wanted, and delete the other one. The rest of the file was then intact, with all desired changes (often from multiple programmers) as desired. As is now, all you get in EN is one version of the file (the _whole_ file), followed by "conflict dated xxxx" and the whole file again, of the other version. Often this is followed by another conflict and file, and another, etc. I have had it go as deep as five such conflicts before I realized the da** thing had gotten out of sync somewhere. I then had to laboriously look at each and figure out what the heck it was complaining about. More often than not, I just deleted all but the first, and live with the fact I just lost whatever was entered when I did not realize it was not properly synced.
  2. So STOP DIGGING already! You have already proven that you have zero idea how the product SHOULD work, and have zero understanding of what is standard software technique for products like this. If you don't have anything positive to add, and insist on blaming the user for the faults of the product, then shut up and leave.
  3. BTW, this is very similar to a technique I used with our software teams over the years. I lived and managed software in Silicon Valley, where internet speeds were much faster than in other parts of the world. Every so often, I would have the group's internal internet speed throttled down to dial-up speed. That let the engineers see how their product fared in less speedy internet connection environments. As a result, they became more motivated to be frugal with internet connectivity, and not just through internet queries around willy nilly. Once they saw how painful it was to use our product in a slow connection environment, our products became better...
  4. Then stop trying to be the company shill that defends them for not having a needed function, and instead blaming the user. That is about the most stupid argument I have ever heard to defend a flawed product. That might have worked in the 1980's, when computers really were highly limited. That no longer flies 30 years later, when technology like I am referring to is so widespread and has been around for more than 20 years already.
  5. Look at Wikipedia page -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_version_control_software They list several of the more popular software used for this purpose. They name 44 products. I have personally used Perforce, CVS, PVCS, and Subversion (I used these over a more than 20 year period, for dozens of clients). As I have said several times in this thread, and in my OP, this is a very well known technology. This list shows 17 Open Source versions, so it is there to be licensed and included in the EN change management system (which is at the Caveman level right now). My guess is that the EN team lives in an area with ubiquitous cell data coverage, so doesn't see this problem theirselves. If they lived in an area with less reliable coverage, they would have hit this themselves, and fixed it long ago. The solution -- have the engineers turn OFF their cell updates, to simulate the environment where others CANNOT have it work (because there is no cell coverage). They would then see how often this problem bites. I get hit with it about once a month, and then have to spend 15+ minutes to get things back to norm. Time that is frustrating and completely unnecessary for a product like this.
  6. Are you really and truly that clueless, or just a company shill??? Their "tools to sort it out" is nothing more than appending one version after the other and saying "conflict." If it happens once, and not seen immediately (that is, any note more than a couple screens long), it quickly becomes a long list of such conflicts, with ZERO INDICATION of what the conflicts are. You obviously have never used competent software that will look at all the conflicts, and in 90% of the time, simply resolve them with no need for human interaction at all. When there is an ambiguous change that it cannot resolve, it shows you ONLY the change, and asks which version you want to use. It NEVER just appends every possible version, as that would be absolutely and completely useless in tracking code changes. And I am talking about software that can manage hundreds of different people making overlapping changes on tens of thousands of files. Here, EN can't handle a simple case of one person making changes to a tiny number of files on two devices. I AM EXPECTING AN APP THAT WORKS, nothing more than that. And certainly not some nutjob that never seems to hit the problem being discussed and blames the user for the shortcomings of the app!
  7. Bull durham! I DO have cell data sync, and I DO try to keep things in sync regularly. I live in an area where there are huge gaps in cell service though, and often I simply have no cell service for hours -- and sometimes days. And WHY THE HECK should I have to work around their limits anyway? As I said in my initial post, the technology for doing proper syncing of multiple disparate changes has been around for at least two decades. As a (now retired) software engineer, I used that stuff daily on half a dozen different apps. When I pointed out this limitation more than a year ago, EN rep said they knew of the problem and the feature would be "coming soon." After more than a year, it is still not here. Instead we gets lots of trash addons that I have absolutely zero interest in. Get the main app to work well before wasting engineer time of junk we don't need or want!
  8. I normally just command-Q to exit. However, I did try the "Evernote->Quit" (which is where it in the menu on the Mac) and relaunch to test, after your prior note. Still opens to "all my notes." I suppose if it really is a bug rather than an intended change of behavior, then a bug report is in order. I have not liked some of their intentional changes in the past though, so not sure if this is another of those "we know better than you what you want" (like Apple has started doing more and more...) or a new bug.
  9. Thanks, but no go. That is how it used to work on the Mac too. EN would open to the last display when last quit. Not no more though... (I did double-test before replying, just to be sure I hadn't been stupid before...)
  10. So, how do I get it to open to show my primary notebook, as I asked in my initial post? This used to work properly. It broke in the last month or two. And yes, as it is now, it is BROKEN. No way in Heck do I want notes from every notebook displayed when I launch EN on my Mac. I have my notes organized by name, and each notebook has its own "00-xxxx" note that I want to always be on top. With this new "all my notes" all those 00-xxx notes show, instead of the primary notebook in which I do my daily work...
  11. Yep. Found that. Greyed out, but already checked. My iPhone does properly go to that notebook by default. However, my Mac does not. Instead, the Mac opens with "all my notes" which has notes from every notebook I have. I want it to _only_ display the notes from this notebook when it launches -- which is the way it worked some months ago.
  12. Well, I found that if I go to the settings, there is a greyed out checkbox for "set this as default" and the box _is_ checked. Indeed, when I use EN on my iPhone, it always comes up to that notebook. However, on my Mac, the display always comes up with "all my notes" and I have to go to the top menu and change to the specific notebook I want. The Mac does _not_ set the launch display to that notebook -- like it used to (many months back) and like I want.
  13. I have never had it properly update if I changed a note while not properly synced. I frequently have to spend time (occasionally a lot of time, and renaming of notes) to get the d*** thing to sync properly and get back to a single note, with no conflict versions. When I asked about this more than a year ago, I was told that they knew about the problem and were working on it. I have seen zero progress on this front in that time, again despite this technology being available for decades on all Source Code Control software. And yes, I have it set to update whenever it can, to use cell data (when it is available), etc.
  14. That is where I would have expected it. However, there is no "set as default" in the menu. Here is a screenshot of my menu (I hope...). Not sure that is showing up... My right-click menu shows: New Notebook, divider, Present, Present on Another Screen, divider, Share Notebook, Publish Notebook, Notebook Settings, Rename Notebook, Delete Notebook, Add to Stack, Add Notebook to Shortcuts, divider, Short by name, Sort by count, Sort by updated There ain't no "set as default"... BTW, I am running EverNote 6.3 on Mac OS 10.11.2. I believe those are both the most current.
  15. I often use EN on my iPhone when I am not in any WiFi or cell range. If I make _any_ change in that state, I almost always end up with "conflicting changes" that sometimes trail on for a dozen such conflcts until I spend the time to force all devices to sync when back at home. As a software developer, we have had software that automatically would detect changes and sync files for a couple decades now (all Source Control Software does that). Why isn't Evernote smarter about catching these? It is really a major PITA...
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