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  1. How do you access the old web version? Thanks.
  2. Hi I apologize if this has been asked before. I could not find a search box in the forum. When I search for an item in current document, (on iPad Air) the first item is highlighted, and a message says for example, 1/14 items. Only the first one is highlighted. Even if I don't click on that one, and just scroll to see where the other items are, no more are highlighted, so I cannot find them. Sorry if this sounds garbled, I am in the middle of moving house, and need to get this sorted out for my inventory list. Thanks!
  3. What OS are you using? And are you clicking the link on the same device that stores the file? Thank you for your reply Guzumped, I just wanted to let you know I have a family emergency & just can't deal with this right now. Sorry to have bothered you. Ill' be back!
  4. Hi there I have been avidly reading all your posts re getting a link to a computer file into an EverNote. I think I have the correct format but when I click on the link in the EverNote, it just turns red and does not go anywhere. I have Windows 8 & I am using my desktop version of Evernote. Does anyone have an idea of what I am doing wrong? It is a long link. Is there a limit to the number of characters? Thanks.
  5. I really wanted to love this new version. I expect to have to learn to do things a different way, but this update is not intuitive. Too many often used things are hidden away. Why on earth does the home page only use up a fraction of the iPads screen? I have tried to use the knowledge base to find out how to create a new notebook on my iPad, (I have several existing notes I need to move to a new notebook), but the knowledge base comes up in a window that is even smaller, with teeny tiny print. When I 'reverse pinch', for want of a better expression, the print becomes larger, but not the window! Is this really happening, or is it me? I must admit I am not a power user of Evernote. If anybody can help me on this, I would be grateful. I really did love the old 'virtual notebook' icons, call me old fashioned. Thanks for providing a place for me to rant!
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