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  1. Well, I suppose this isn't technically an EN problem, but when Windoz decided to "upgrade" itself the other night, my organizational structure on EN was messed up. It wasn't terrible, just several dozen notes appearing in places where they didn't belong. But I'm guessing part of the problem arose when I mistakenly "upgraded" to EN 10, which destabilized years of organization, in addition to making notes uglier and impossible to format decently. Really, EN, you shouldn't be foisting a beta product on your user base, especially a beta product that is so bad you alienate your clients.
  2. Nice to see that I'm not the only one who has issues with the "new" EverNote. I've been a user for a decade now. The first thing I noticed is that the formatting of all my old notes was totally borked. Why can't I format notes as makes sense to me? One serious problem is that I have a lot of lead sheets for songs. That is lyrics with chord changes above each line of lyrics. Well, when you decide by fiat that my personal font choice no longer matters, you've also chosen to bork all the lead sheets and I have to go through them all to get the chord spacing correct again. Then too, EN's choice to limit fonts to only three or four really ugly ones makes no sense. Fortunately for me, there's something wrong with the installation, and the next time I booted up my computer and fired up EN, I was back at the "old" version, with correct formatting and so forth. It will be a long time before I fall for the "all new EN for Windoz" that is in reality no more than an untested beta. WTF?
  3. For what it's worth, the EN folks seem to have fixed the problem for the desk-top client in Windoz. I had quite a fun go-around with them a month or so back. They could reproduce the bugs I reported, and fixed the one in the Windoz desk-top client. But, the webclipper bug in the Crome browser, mentioned above, is still rearing it's ugly head. Since half the world, or more, use Crome, one would have thought they'd have fixed this problem by now, but apparently not. The webclipper works fine in FireFox, but no one uses FireFox these days.
  4. Thanks, @jefito, for the heads up. I'm used to forums where the support people lurk and put in a 2¢ when it makes sense. It seems to me that this is a large enough bug that someone would have noticed. Perhaps not, and so, I did, finally, find time to document the problem and submit a ticket. The blank line problem persists, and has now reared its ugly head in another venue, that of the web clipper (with Chrome at least). If you clip with "simplified formatting", you get a text field with a fixed width. In my case, the fixed width is greater than the width of my view port. So, I apply "simply formatting", and get a fluid text field, but all the paragraph breaks are removed. So I have to waste oodles of time re-inserting line breaks and making sure there's a blank space on each blank line. Not a recipe for productivity.
  5. It's been a month now, and no one from EN seems interested in commenting or fixing this bug. Why is that? Way more important than templates at the moment. Wasting endless hours reformatting all my notes with an extra space added to each blank line so that paragraphing shows up properly is not a useful way to promote productivity. Interestingly, I'm not sure this bug is common to _all_ notes. It seems that I can type into some notes and add proper paragraphing without having to go back to add blank spaces. I'm not sure, but it might be related to the age of the note. That is, ones with older creation dates seem to do proper paragraphing. Anyway, please come up with a fix.
  6. @ryn is correct. This is a new problem. It only began showing up Tuesday a week ago. I'm on Windoz 10. I think there was a new update about that time. Whatever, it's annoying. In 10 years of using Evernote, I've never had this problem before. I installed yesterday, and the bug was still there. I'm pretty sure it showed up with the previous update that came out on or around 25 Sept. @JodyHeath.Com is correct. One can "fix" the problem by entering a blank space or two on the "blank" lines between paragraphs. I find this annoying, it disturbs the flow of my typing, and it shouldn't be necessary. Dear EverNote, please fix this bug.
  7. Well, that's really weird. I tried several articles in "simplified article" mode, and just got the endless spinning wheel, as has been my lot for weeks. No clipping. So, I thought to simplify a page using the Instapaper Text extension. Then I clipped that page as "article". That worked like a charm. BUT THEN, when I retried clipping as a simplified article, the clipper was back in action. So, perhaps I'm now good to go. As an added bonus, one article I've been trying to clip, off and on for the past week, showed up in EN with four shiny, new clips. With luck, I can go back to normal endeavors. Thanks all for the suggestions, etc.
  8. Thanks. I have now done that, and am now on 7.4, but it still won't clip. Chrome claims to be up to date: Version 67.0.3396.99.
  9. I've tried updating, but seem to have gotten something wrong in the translation of how to do that. The attempt to update has yet to work, and I'm still on 7.3.
  10. As far as I can tell, the Evernote web clipper doesn't work on Chrome on a Windoz 10 computer. It's been this way for quite some time now (a month or so, perhaps?). Why is this not a very important bug to fix? One of the most important features of EN is having access to the web clipper and its simplified formatting. It appears to work on Firefox, and last time I tried, sort of worked in Opera, but then the web clipper in Opera was never much good. Why can't we have a reliable web clipper in the world's most used browser?
  11. Thanks. Somehow I got the impression the template made things different. The table cells were so wide I couldn't find the handle. Now I have. Basically, I'll have to edit all the templates so that they can be rendered useful. I can do that. It does seem a shame, however, to be offered templates that don't work under normal circumstances unless one spends rather a lot of time reformatting them. Thanks again.
  12. I'm not sure where to post my concern, but this is close. My problem deals with templates and table cells. I tried contacting support, but have been ignored so far. If I understand the above correctly, table cells in templates have a fixed width and cannot be resized. Is that the case? If so, there's nothing I can do. Here's the problem. A few days ago, EverNote were pimping a blog post about productivity and offered a few templates to get one started. Here's the link to the post: https://is.gd/sQmXRs . The problem is, those templates are way too wide for normal use. So, one can't actually use the templates to make one more productive. The text requires horizontal scrolling on any reasonable mobile device (phone or tablet). Even on my Windows desktop client, I can't read the text, unless I go to some lengths to resize the particular view port. If you all are trying to make my life easier, why do you offer tools that make things so difficult? I don't mean to be snarky. I'm trying to understand things. FWIW, I've been a long-time premium member, so I don't have a problem, per se, with EverNote. But I do have a problem with alleged help that is unhelpful except in unusual circumstances. What am I missing here? Thanks. For clarification, I don't have the world's best eyesight (one might refer to it as "mature"), and being forced to deal with something on a screen that is a minimum of eight inches wide is very difficult.
  13. I thought I had this problem, but realized I'd logged into the wrong EN account on Scannable. So, if anyone wasted time reading the note I just deleted, please forgive me.
  14. Yes, indeed, thanks Jackolicious. I wondered why EverNote on my old MacBook hadn't been updated in over 2 years. I thought to do it manually, and learned the hard way that the newer versions wouldn't work on my old MacBook. So, fortunately, I found your still working link and I'm back to functional again. Obviously, I need to get my daughter to give me an updated MacBook, but she has yet to replace this one's successor. ;-(
  15. I'm missing something here. Why would anyone care that Web Clipper wasn't available in a MicroSoft browser, when there are better, faster, and more secure browsers available to use? Traditionally, over many years, Internet Explorer has always been slower, more prone to picking up viruses, and less able to render standards-compliant web pages correctly than all other major browsers, including Chrome, Opera, FireFox and Safari. I have no idea if those long-standing problems have been magically fixed by Edge, but why waste time finding out?
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