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  1. In doing some experimenting just now, I actually got this fixed, after many days and tries to get the Done button to respond (no idea if any one step is necessary): 1. Quit every running app (just "flipped up" each one until nothing was running in the BG) 2. Hard reset 3. Turned off wifi so Evernote couldn't go out and refresh the page 4. Started the EN app, and it just displayed nothing, since it couldn't refresh the page. Pressing the done button still doesn't work. 5. Quit EN app (by flipping up) 6. Started EN app again, displays nothing again, Done button still doesn't respond. BUT, by doing steps 4 thru 6 three or four times more, in rapid succession, EN just gave up and returned me to the main menu. Needless to say, after dealing with this for days, I was skeptical, but after turning wifi back on, going to some links, the Done button is working properly now, so that's all I know. It's the rapid succession of steps 4, 5, & 6 with wifi off that seemed to kick it outta its funk.
  2. Exact same problem for me on my iPad Air for many days now. None of the suggestions work. It's the undead Zombie Done Button problem.
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