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  1. Right, it doesn't work on my windows version.
  2. Wouldn't we be updated to Business 2.0 automatically? Is this the Secret Weapon you're referring to? http://www.thesecretweapon.org/ I got turned off cause their tagline is "no bs approach" and then you watch the first video and it's full of bs promotional stuff rather than nuts and bolts. They saw only use email + evernote. Is evernote good for action items across a team, i.e. execution? Right now we are only using it for information storage. Using Trello for execution.
  3. Problem is it doesn't even support search (at least not on the versions I've tried). If I could simply search by tags, type the prefix and select from a dynamic narrowing list of tags. Then do that for another tag. I'd be okay with that. Doesn't evernote have really long videos showing details rather than those lame promo clips on the website? I thought I saw those somewhere.
  4. The tags searching functionality seems to be totally different depending on what you're using. I had the regular Evernote and upgraded to Business. Other people on the team simply downloaded the Business. Then there's the web version. All using Windows PCs. All different tag functionality. All terrible tag functionality. Does Evernote have any support at all?
  5. It does auto-complete - use F3. Type a couple characters and the list of possible tag choices gets dramatically smaller. Ah, what I meant is it does not narrow the choices down as you type. If my prefix is cof-mocha, as I type tag:cof-mo it will show me 0 notes found while still showing the complete flat list of tags on the left. Only when I type the full tag name, tag:cof-mocha, will it show me the notes with that tag. It's especially annoying when we have to filter by several tags. We have to type out each one completely accurate.
  6. The tag prefix management works for my 1,400 tags. Don't search for cof-m Search for tag:cof-m* Thanks, that does work. Problem is that you have to actually type the complete name of the tag, i.e. it will not autocomplete it for you. So we have to remember each complete tag name and not make any mistakes. Is there any better system for managing these tags?
  7. Not only is there no hierarchy for tags but there also appears no way for the business user to search by tags. We have about 1000 tags. We assigned each a prefix for easy searching. For example, category: coffee. Tags would be: cof-mocha, cof-capuccino, etc. If we search by cof-m it will show the cof-mocha which we select but then no notes are visible. So it appears the only way to use the tags is to click select it from the left panel. Well there are 1000 of them all arranged in a simple flat interface. So it's really inconvenient to do it this way, especially when you want to ctrl+select more than one tag at a time. Does anyone have a good system for managing the tags? Evernote, do you have a video on how to use tags with the business edition?
  8. Is there still no way to create a hierarchy of tags on the business edition? Just upgraded to it but I guess it's more of a downgrade. How come it can exist in the personal but not business edition? Has anyone found a workaround?
  9. Is this available to business users? I want each row to be a seperate row. Actually want to fit it into a template but that seems unlikely.
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