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  1. Ha, yes this works for me too. Also works fine copying to gmail. Unfortunately the format is not preserved copying from gmail to the next app. Need a 3rd app to go betweeen. evernote > 3rd mystery rich text preserving app > other apps But it's too annoying. Maybe best solution is to stop using rich text. Instead of the bullet points, numbered lists, italics, etc. Just use: *one *two *three 1.one 2.two 3.three this is an *important* word
  2. This works much better on the browser version. Why is it a problem on the desktop version? I downgraded to basic. Got tired of paying for this. I'm constantly copying/pasting information from Evernote to other apps.
  3. Agree, it's trash. There is literally not a single other app that I can copy/paste a bullet point list to. I have to copy freaking bullet point by freaking bullet point. Since evernote will not fix this, what alternatives are there?
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