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  1. Bumping this up because this does not seem to be getting attention. The drop down button is annoying.
  2. It's annoying. Whenever you want to edit text in a cell that is right justified, the dropdown button a portion of it.
  3. I got the latest version (6.12.4), I believe, and I am unable to login to Web Clipper in Safari as well.
  4. I noticed this since the latest updates on both Mac and iOS versions. The column width of the table reverts on Mac after synching in iOS. To illustrate, I created three tables each with 2 columns in Mac (first screenshot). Notice the width of the first column set to fit a character or two. After adding a bit of text and synching on iOS I get the second screenshot on Mac. It's annoying!
  5. Hi @odysseus, I don't think the new release fixed the issue. I have the latest version (6.11) and still experiencing the same.
  6. Hi @rubenb, I see a thread about Web Clipper keeps logging out. Does this release fix the issue?
  7. This topic is over a year old now. Any update from the Evernote team about improving the compatibility for smaller screens particularly iPad minis?
  8. I'm not surprised to see some of you wanted to have the previous theme. While striving to be consistent with Yosemite's translucent/transparent design, I do not think Evernote looked beautiful with this latest iteration To Evernote developers, if you could at least give us an option to choose themes (like in the iOS version), it would be much appreciated. If not, then I guess we have to live it. Won't take long for me to get used to it anyway.
  9. I hope there is an option to turn off the vibrate notification whenever there's a reminder in Evernote for Android. Or is there one, only I didn't know where to find it?
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