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  1. Bumping this up because this does not seem to be getting attention. The drop down button is annoying.
  2. It's annoying. Whenever you want to edit text in a cell that is right justified, the dropdown button a portion of it.
  3. I got the latest version (6.12.4), I believe, and I am unable to login to Web Clipper in Safari as well.
  4. I noticed this since the latest updates on both Mac and iOS versions. The column width of the table reverts on Mac after synching in iOS. To illustrate, I created three tables each with 2 columns in Mac (first screenshot). Notice the width of the first column set to fit a character or two. After adding a bit of text and synching on iOS I get the second screenshot on Mac. It's annoying!
  5. Hi @rubenb, I see a thread about Web Clipper keeps logging out. Does this release fix the issue?
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