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  1. I've been working on writing a novel for several years and use EN to keep all of my research notes. I have about 13,000 notes. The nature of my work often involves a lot of copy/pasting. I've been a PAID user of EN for a decade. Lately, I find that I am using EN less and less and am "vigorously" looking around for alternatives SPECIFICALLY because this color issue makes it difficult for me to continue using it. This color issue is becoming a deal-breaker. Evernote Engineers-- if you are listening -- you need to do something about this! Thanks
  2. I think someone decided to change some color schemes in version (307934) Public (CE Build ce-53.4.6770) I am color tone blind (as are ~4% of all males). I am also elderly. Consequently, there are certain colors I simply do not see as well as you. (There are, in fact, many color tones that we do not see at all.) With this new version I find that when I select a block of text, the resulting background color is a very light blue or green. It is so light that I can only just barely see it. Most times I cannot see it all. Is there some way I can change the color scheme for blocked text? I've looked at all of the settings and don't seem to find anything like this. This is NOT a problem with any of my other programs, so it seems to be specific to Evernote and not a general Windows setting. I would urge Evernote engineers to be more sensitive to readabilty factors for both older folks and color-tone blind people who use Evernote. Thanks
  3. Ah!!! Found it! This seems to do the trick: ^#!f5:: ; hold down Ctrl+Win+Alt and then press F5 key to trigger this FormatTime, Time,, yyMMdd-HHmm.ss ; this is my "special" format. You may have a different format Send, ^+{up} ; send Ctrl+Shift+Up arrow to start superscript font SendInput %Time% ; insert date stamp Send, ^+{up} ; send ctrl-shift+uparrow to end superscript mode return The result looks like this: TEST datestamp TEST or, using my datestamp format, TEST180620-0924.33TEST This makes is real easy to poke in a time reference when I add annotations to existing notes, etc. Very useful.
  4. @Super Guru- Thanks for your suggestion, but Evernote does not seem to recognize it at all . I just get the date in the regular font. ^#!f5:: FormatTime, Time,, yyMMdd-HHmm.ss Send, {Ctrl}{Shift}{Up} SendInput %Time% Send, {Ctrl}{Shift}{Down} return This simply produced the datestamp in the default font, not as superscript. I also tried: ^#!f4:: FormatTime, Time,, yyMMdd-HHmm.ss Send, {Ctrl}{b} SendInput %Time% Send, {Ctrl}{b} return This simply generated the datestamp with a (literal) "b" before and after it. I.e. Autohotkey is seeing the "b" key as an alphabetic and not as a control character. More suggestions? (Thanks for your help!!)
  5. I'm looking for a script snippet to format a datestamp as superscript and then return to normal text in Evernote using Autohotkey. The key stroke in Evernote to make selected text superscript is Ctrl+Shift+Uparrow. ^#!f8:: FormatTime, Time,, _yyMMdd-HHmm.ssε SendInput %Time% return I've got the datestamp part working just fine but cannot how to put it into superscript. Help, please. Thanks
  6. I experimented with this for a while. EAtags puts a nice TOC of tagged note links at the top of a note --much like a Header. However, from what I can see, it does NOT update the TOC in the existing note dynamically when I add a new note with the specified tag. This operation could be done entirely within EN without EAtags. Just create a TOC note and then merge it with the target note in which you want the TOC to appear in. Or.... just copy/paste the TOC into the target note, However, this still does not solve the problem of dynamic updating. The only solution to a dynamically generated TOC that I can see is to create a new TOC note each time you need it. The problem here is that you inevitably wind up with dozens of largely redundant TOC notes on, say, Broccoli or Asparagus that may or may not contain all of the current listings for that tag. This creates issues with version management. This also does not play well for accessing an up-to-date TOC as external or local links such as a hyperlink a mind map or other external application. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to generate a dynamically updated TOC in EN???
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