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  1. same here....they reappear when i Quit and reopen ... BigSur on Mac version too. very annoying but at least seeing them.. thanks for that
  2. that seems to have work. am now using 10.5.7 version and notes are no longer blank. lets hope it stays that way. Not sure what is the latest version anymore as went back to legacy version... hopefully this is all sorted now thanks
  3. the new update does not work.... I cannot see any notes on my macbook other than snippets...hopeless trying to find something. there seems no solution other than go back to the legacy option...that works...
  4. AUTO TITLE from first line of text is what I would love. it works on windows pc, but not on ipad or iphone. So a quick action eg. CALL PLUMBER if done on the iphone as text when set to AUTO it will enter whatever is in my diary eg. someones birthday, or if not on auto comes in as untitled. Can we get this fixed to do as per the windows pc. thanks
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