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  1. Using the previous web app, when I clicked on a sharing link in an email, the browser would be activated and I would get a prompt whether I wanted to open the note in the desktop app. With the current web app, the note just opens in the web app. Is there a way to open the link in the desktop app from the web app, or do I just have to switch to the desktop app and hunt it down there?
  2. Support tells me that this is a known issue that will be fixed soon in an upcoming release.
  3. I use the web clipper to save Jupyter notebooks to Evernote. That has the added feature of linking to the original notebook URL. It isn't perfect, mostly because Evernote can't get the "Article" mode right most of the time, and the formatting is a little off. But recently, the copy-paste behavior has improved such that you can copy from Evernote to Jupyter effectively.
  4. At least for me, this problem was eliminated in version 6.12 b2.
  5. The new iOS version has many welcome improvements, but one way in which it has regressed- especially on iPad- is the removal of the formatting controls to a hidden menu. When writing in outline mode, it used to only require one tap to tab in and tab out. Now, one must Tao to open the formatting menu, tap to tab in or out, and then tap a third time to close the menu. This is inconvenient and really slows typing. At least in horizontal mode, there is a huge empty space available above the keyboard for presenting these controls. I'd like to see some way to return often-used controls to this space.
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