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  1. I had two versions when I had the Beta, currently I can't find the download link to the Beta. I'll see if I can find the original email that stated not to open the old one.
  2. I have re-downloaded the one on the play store, but when I started the Beta I was told not to open that one. They said it could cause issues with the Beta and make me lose everything I had done. That is what I'm currently concerned about.
  3. Hey, has anyone had issues where they have had to factory reset their phone and lost the Beta. I am trying get the link to get back to it, but no one can seem to get it to me. I am really concerned that I will.lose everything I put into it since December when I started using it.
  4. I have been using the Evernote Beta since December. It was working fine when I got my new phone. Yesterday, it and many of my other apps messed up. I had to factory reset my phone. I have looked in my email from the original invite to the Beta, but it says it has expired and I can't get the download info. I don't want to open the original app for fear that I may lose everything I've added since December. Can anyone help me find the Beta download link, so I can hopefully get all of my info back?
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