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  1. Hi there, I think Evernote is a great program, however there are two annoyances that (in my mind) keep Evernote from being great: 1) Creating of sub notes does not follow the standard paradigm Creating a subfolder is not easy... I get it - Evernote doesn't have folders, they have stacks... but sub categorizing things is important to me - so to do this I need to follow a work around: I) Create a temporary note II) Right click and choose "Add to stack" III) Choose new Stack IV) find the stack and rename it to a folder name that makes sense to you V) now delete the temp note VI) Start dragging new notes into the stack (folder) I find this a weird workaround. I rather just be able to right click a note and select "create note in", then have this subnote be the new folder. That would be just one step, instead of 6 Anyways Evernote team, other than this, I really like your product... cheers
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