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  1. Hi I had same problem - its too bad ever notes installation program for version 5 destroys evernote on a users system!!!! I solved the problem by using revo uninstaller pro to search for evernote, and remove all traces - then re-ran evernote 5 installer - it worked~!
  2. Hi there, I tried to upload a new profile picture using chrome 1) clicked browse 2) selected image from hard drive 3) uploaded jpg image (under 50kb) 4) the DONE button could not be pressed. Loaded same webpage in firefox - it worked. Chrome bug?
  3. Hi there, I think Evernote is a great program, however there are two annoyances that (in my mind) keep Evernote from being great: 1) Creating of sub notes does not follow the standard paradigm Creating a subfolder is not easy... I get it - Evernote doesn't have folders, they have stacks... but sub categorizing things is important to me - so to do this I need to follow a work around: I) Create a temporary note II) Right click and choose "Add to stack" III) Choose new Stack IV) find the stack and rename it to a folder name that makes sense to you V) now delete the temp note VI) Start dragging new notes into the stack (folder) I find this a weird workaround. I rather just be able to right click a note and select "create note in", then have this subnote be the new folder. That would be just one step, instead of 6 Anyways Evernote team, other than this, I really like your product... cheers
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