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  1. YES!!!! I have been trying to figure this out as well! Is there no way??? Please implement if not.
  2. Unfortunately, whining is often precisely how things get done. Developers need to know the extent to which certain things are a pain point in order to prioritize updates for users, who are paying them. Many people who are desperate enough to search the web and find these forums to try to solve their problems may not be technically savvy to "up" requests and do it the "proper" way. They just want to express their concerns. Sadly, there is little response. An explanation of why this is not implemented would be much appreciated or a "we're working on it, next update..." or some sort of response.
  3. Perhaps Evernote could become the "reasonable man" here with one very simple tweak, rather than forcing users to adopt time-consuming workarounds. We use evernote for productivity after all.
  4. Why is this such a problem to add? This is a necessity and many users are asking, no, begging you for it. Please make this simple change.
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