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  1. ATTENTION EVERNOTE DEVELOPERS!!! PLEASE ESCALATE 'SORT LINES WITHIN NOTES' FOR NEXT RELEASE!!! This feature is CRUCIAL for using EverNote as an effective Provisioning List!!! Thanks for your time & efforts in creating this great product
  2. Excellent comment, totochto, I too am a Premium member and am allegedly naive enough to expect that Developers actually listen to Users' feedback to optimize functionality-improvement efforts. Personally, perhaps I get a little over-aggravated when good suggestions to improve a great product are consistently marginalized and deprecated by counter-helpful naysayers. Know-It-Alls seemingly obsessed with having the final say in any discussion, particularly discussions they did not initiate and have no real stakeholder interest in. Yeah, it gets me riled up a little bit, but then I just light another cigarette and move on...
  3. Excellent comment totochto, I knew exactly where you were coming from immediately, LISP is the perfect analogy for us old-timers. After all, what are lines of text on-screen if not a sorted list (i.e. 'array') of strings? Natively handled by the likes of Perl, PHP, and JavaScript. All built on algorithms pioneered in the architecture of LISP. Been on computers since the 70's, but just implemented EN cross-platform (PCs. smartphones, multiple tablets) the day before yesterday. Didn't take long to notice, and am in total agreement that the omission of line-sorting within notes is a serious flaw that needs correcting sooner than later. Incidentally, I just discovered a simple way to ignore unhelpful commentary. Edit your user profile, select 'Ignore' Preferences, and type in user-names of the misinformed. Life could hardly get much better!
  4. Excellent comment, Ted -- couldn't agree more wholeheartedly. 'Loyal users' are a fickle lot -- they'll drop an app in a heartbeat given a working solution to their pet peeve. Perhaps some like-minded manager on the development team may escalate the priority of this 'low-hanging fruit' feature-request. Surely, a little advertising couldn't hurt: YO, DEVELOPMENT TEAM!!! ESCALATE 'SORT LINES WITHIN NOTES' FOR NEXT RELEASE!!! LOW-HANGING FRUIT MAKE FOR HAPPY USER CANDY!!!
  5. OK GrumpyMonkey, I'll give you a 'pass' -- but to illustrate my point let's look a wee bit more critically at the three ENE comments preceding yours... Gazumped: "Evernote started out with a (very) basic editor and have worked their way up to a basic editor with a few bells and whistles. I'm sure more improvements are on the way, but as has already been said - there are thousands of suggestions here for "basic features" that Evernote has to schedule over all the platforms it supports and without displeasing its increasingly large user-base by taking the wrong step. They'll get around to it." Oh please pardon us the unwashed infidels, Mr Gazumped, are we annoying you with repeated requests for this feature? Maybe it's perhaps because the vast majority of unworthy infidels would really really like to see it? Your comment suggests the discussion has become tedious, and should be deprecated. Pray tell, why did you not respond to infidel tcalbaz's extremely thought-provoking and discussion-escalating commentary, from a software developer and user-base satisfaction perspective? Jetflo: "On the other hand, it's not exactly Luddite to suggest a computer solution to a computer task; this one's just a few clicks more, which may be a sufficient workaround for some folks, but it's obviously not optimal for everyone's workflow,..yadayadayada" Seriously Mr. Jetflo, have you ever tried doing what you suggest on your smartphone? On a tablet? You do use a smartphone and/or tablet, yes? While your suggestion may not strictly fit the definition of Luddite, I am lighting-up another cigarette in order to properly contemplate its abysmal impracticality for mobile users -- i.e. the 'vast majority', Sir! Jetflo: "Not sure what LISP has to do with this, but I suppose that if you put on your LISP-colored glasses, anything can be viewed as a list...yadayadayada" Mr. Jetflo, first you ridicule infidel totochto's LISP analogy, then you begrudgingly acknowledge its validity. Then you go on to condescendingly reprimand both the opinion and expectation that this feature should be high on the development team's priority list. Did you ask one serious, material question? Did you try to learn anything of the commentator's likely vast tech-industry experience? How exactly then, Mr. Jetflo Sir, did you materially contribute to this discussion? Need I go on, or have I made my point? So I'm going on vacation, and I'll be using EN every day...but I won't be back to this forum for a week or two. Promise I will keep a log of all the time-saving opportunities for within-note list-sorting in my travels, and report-back appropriately. And as stated previously, I'm not interested in responses that doesn't ask meaningful questions or otherwise escalate the discussion to promote better understanding and definition this feature request.
  6. Seemingly every well-reasoned request for this fundamentally-useful feature is deprecated by some self-appointed Evernote Evangelist. Evernote Evangelists, personally I'm insulted by your 'small number of users' argument with respect to this feature, and disappointed by your collective apathy in really trying to understand the depth and breadth of this feature's general usefulness. Instead, we're pontificated to with condecending, closed-ended statements in a less-that-subtle ad hominem effort to riducule and marginalize supporters of this feature request. For example, list-sorting would be useful to everyone who uses checkboxes for provisioning (i.e. 'shopping'). If list sorting were possible, it would be a simple matter to Check the boxes for the items that you already have, or items you have just tossed in the shopping cart, Hit 'resort', and instantly move all checked-item to the bottom of list. Users cannot easily do this in an external application on a tablet or phone when mobile -- the 'sorting list in an external application' argument really struck me as particularly myopic as to how this application is leveraged by a vast majority of users. Evernote Evangelists, I'm not interested in any response that doesn't ask thoughtful questions in a genuine attempt to better understand and define this feature request.
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